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dragongirl 04-06-2011 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by SilverRipple (Post 99241)
(tiny voice) I don't know what a Jedi is. Only seen the fourth Star Wars. Do explain to me why you think I'm a Jedi? :)

I just read your signature, saw something about being good at phycological pain, and though of a Jedi mind trick used to interrogate a pour soul until they are reduced to an emotional wreck.

Yeah... I need a catscan...

L.S.Trendom 04-06-2011 10:12 PM

Ooh… Magical fluffeh hairdo… :p

dragongirl 04-06-2011 10:15 PM

LOL yeah.XD

Duuuuuude....I'm listening to my MP3, but I have to use earbuds, like the ones you shove into your ears instead of the headphones that are like speakers. But my only headphones broke and I have to just earbuds.:eek: I swear, I think the insides of my ears are bleeding....*energon shoots from ears* Oh My Steven Tyler's Hair it's purple!D:

L.S.Trendom 04-06-2011 10:18 PM

Yeah, I don't like earbuds. -_- DIE, BUDS!!!!! *Stabs them*

Fluffeh. :p

Kiwara 04-06-2011 10:30 PM

I think I just drew my best griffin yet. I mean, it's still crap, but it now resembles a griffin. And the wing isn't a blob. Whoo.

L.S.Trendom 04-06-2011 10:40 PM

Yay! My griffin wouldn't look like a blob. It would look like a misshapen blob. :D

Kiwara 04-06-2011 10:42 PM

Haha. Yeah, that's what mine look like most of the time. A misshapen, what on earth is that thing, type of blob.

dragongirl 04-06-2011 10:42 PM

My friend made up a creature she named Blob... It looks like a cats head with Justin Bieber hair to me...

Yay, I was digging in my closet and I found these really fancy headphones my dad got me for my birthday last year. They are in this fancy leather case... They be German imported like my tuba.:D

L.S.Trendom 04-06-2011 10:53 PM

Cool! I thought Justin Bieber had blond hair. *Face palm* :p

De-Ecrivian 04-06-2011 11:39 PM

Wait he doesn't? Am I going blind or something O_o
Lost the game :'(
Winning Forum Game :D

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