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JoMarch 07-06-2014 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by AlgebraAddict (Post 547043)
omg thank you I agree so much

Eh my parents are ticking me off because they say I can't cut my hair

And I want a pixie cut

And blegh evidently getting just a freaking haircut is going to make me lose all of my feminity and I can't ever get married or have children (which I'm not planning on anyway).

So I'm being rebellious and using hairgel and bobby pins to get my hair into the most rebelliously masculine hairdo possible and now I look like wally cleaver

ehh i have a pixie cut i love it it's so fab
are your parents the ones saying getting a haircut will make you lose your femininity? bc i really don't agree. like it wouldn't be just the hair cut you can still be feminine with a pixie cut and you can be masculine too its more the person than the hair
if you can make you're hair look like that then you are skilled at manipulating hair i bow down to you

sorry about your parents i really hope they let you get a haircut :/

JoMarch 07-06-2014 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by saphiremoon (Post 547065)
What pisses me off is that I only feel lonely when I'm around people.
Otherwise I feel fine.
But when I'm talking to people... I don't know.
I wish I had a best friend. Someone who trusted me and I trusted and just clicked. Someone who I could tell secrets to and rely on and who'd be there for me and who'd rely on me too.
Idek. Screw this.

i know how you feel (*hugs*)
<333 we'll be your besties you know
aha but i know you mean irl and i'm sorry that i can't help

(*hugs again*) i really hope you feel better soon and stay strong <3

Emaafre 07-06-2014 08:23 PM

Omg I'm doing it
I'm writing a novel
I've attempted many times before but this is different.

MaggieMay 07-06-2014 08:25 PM

im just...really sad...all the time

Lena 07-06-2014 10:12 PM

being away from someone you've spent the last eight years of your life with and probably care about most in the world really kind of sucks okay

saphiremoon 07-06-2014 10:25 PM

thankss guys

i fcking hate crying

saphiremoon 07-06-2014 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by Lena (Post 547081)
being away from someone you've spent the last eight years of your life with and probably care about most in the world really kind of sucks okay

lena ;-; email me if you need to okay? (*huggles*)

SilverMoon 07-06-2014 11:43 PM

I'm so absolutely in love.
Unconditionally, platonically, unrequitedly in love.
It's painful, of course, but not because of the reasons one may think.
There is no sexual desire, there is no personal attraction.
I love you, you referring to multiple people.
Multiple people who do not exist.
Presently, I am most in love with four nonexistent people.
Two couples (granted, the second isn't strictly canon, but lord. Their relationship is so beautiful.), all men.
I love you as couples, and I love you as individuals.
And yeah, it is pretty damn painful sometimes, but it's also fucking beautiful.

L.S.Trendom 07-06-2014 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by JoMarch (Post 547024)
okay cool

oh ok isaac sorry i'm so bad at spelling but i'll try to remember that for future
sorrryyyyyyyy! even if you think it's not a big deal aha sorry

no problem c:

no no it's fine c: haha at least you didn't spell it isaic

Originally Posted by lvhamsters (Post 547064)
Certainly not everything in the bible is true. It's more like situations that are created to teach a lesson, as people have previously said. That can be misleading to a lot of people, but those lessons are actually really helpful.
I'm obviously biased because I'm a Christian, but even I believe that it's incredibly....unbelievable. Sometimes I find myself doubting. But then I realize that both views are unbelievable. For example, having a figure such as God create the universe is just as unbelievable as having everything come from nothing, aka the big bang. It's hard to believe that all of this that we live in came from something the size of a pinprick and that everything came together so perfectly to create life. And where'd the pinprick even come from? Both sides and both beliefs are incredibly unbelievable and at a level, even atheists have their own beliefs. Both religious people and atheists have to believe in either side, so I guess you could call atheists religious....I dunno where I'm going with that thought. Sorry. Way off track XD So yes, what I'm trying to say is they are both unbelievable and that it's totally understandable that you're having trouble deciding.
Personally, as for the hell thing, I believe it's just people who have done something utterly horrible, such as murder. But I also believe he's very forgiving. That's why I also believe in purgatory. I don't know if you know about that, not everyone believes in it, but it's where you can go and basically do time for your sins.
And I completely agree with JoMarch on the whole 'free will' thing about God letting bad things happen to people. For example, if you were the one committing the crime, you can't just blame God because you committed the act.
There are some things in religion that can be kind of iffy where you have to choose what you believe, such as with homosexuality. I dunno why I added that I just felt like it.
Sorry if it sounds like I'm pushing my beliefs on you, that's really not what I'm trying to do. I guess I'm just giving you a side of the story :\ I don't really know if it will help but I hope it does.
Just give yourself time to think things through, after all, you have your entire life to decide. I really hope you find what you want to find though and I want to wish you luck with your decision c:

nah it doesn't sound like you're forcing your beliefs on me. thanks! c:

pluzzle 07-07-2014 07:35 AM

blew idk I've been happy lately, but idk today i remembered how good it was to do the wrist thing hurty (????) and i just wanted to so much you know. idk I get this I waves i guess it's like.... Happy happy happy...... hurt hurt die u know

Idk sometimes I just get rly suicidal u know but other times I'm like hell fuckin yeah I can do anything

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