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Werty 06-13-2019 12:43 PM

incorrect quotes
this can be from your story, but feel free to do it for any fandom


Swallowtail 06-16-2019 05:26 PM

these are quotes from my friends, and the characters are from my current project

Haf (about Coll) -oh, but now we're basically best friends, I've seen him fight like eight times.

Rua - If you need me, I'll be on the roof. If Ellin comes and asks where I am, just say imů.frolicking.

Coll - oh, I like how dark and gloomy it is in here. fuels my teen angst.

Haf- dude dude Ellin can do anything!
Ellin- no, I can't
Haf- shut the fuck up Ellin

Wyn, trying to talk to young children - so, what's your favorite encyclopedia entry?

Mar- if you don't go in the water, you're straight!! *all the inhabitants immediately rush into the water*

Wyn- my legs...are like frog legs.....but LONGER

Cor- You're ahead of all of us! you're already touching people on your first day! it took me like a solid WEEK to start spooning with Rinn!

Mar- I'm just an empty shell filled with gay

also Mar, abt Wyn - she hates it when I call her "babe" bc it "sounds straight"

Cor- whats the point of all this self-awareness if I have no self-control?

Rua- I would eat people ribs if they tasted THIS good!

Coll- its always been my dream to die of an old world disease


Coll- every time I see a truck on the highway, I wish someone was in front of it

Ellin- Rua! don't turn Cor into an alcoholic!
Rua- oh no he came out of the womb like that

Swallowtail 06-16-2019 10:31 PM

got a few more

Ellin: two things. one: please don't pin food to the doors. two: PLEASE don't pin food to the doors.

Haf: ugh I have a bald spot
Wyn: that's the access port! yummy

the Guardian- congratulations everyone! you all survived the - oh, nevermind. forget I said that.

Haf- I'm going to do this relentlessly and dedicatedly until I get bored.

Cor- fellas, is it gay?
Rua- is it gay to what?
Cor- it gay?
Mar- yes, always.

Ellin- hey, what's this huge rock?
Wyn- oh, that's our egg.

Nur- Im such a people pleaser that I once let Rua and Cor pour thousands of live ladybugs into my mouth

Nur, to Ellin- yeah I'll give you your journal but it has a dead wasp on it
Ellin- well, at least it didn't sting anyone
Nur- no, it stung me
Ellin- well, at least you're not allergic
Nur- no, I am
Ellin- jesus christ nur what the fuck

Wyn- huh, I haven't cried in a while. I should probably schedule one of those soon.
Mar- wait you schedule your crying??

Cor- I don't know why everyone calls me gay just because I like to talk about how hot boys are

Wyn- Mar makes my heart itchy.
Haf- do you mean to say you love her?
Wyn- oh yeah, that.

Ellin- one of these days I'm going to accidentally run you over!
Coll- that sounds awesome!!

Wyn- this is how I got mono, I used to lick holes in the wall.

Werty 06-17-2019 09:53 PM

greek mythology

Artemis: where's Apollo
Artemis: I have a bad feeling that wherever he is something went wrong
Athena: You can't possibly know-
Artemis: Twin thing.
Apollo, entering the Olympus throne room, dragging one-day-old Hermes, who is smiling and smells like cooked beef, by the ear: OKAY SO SOMETHING WENT WRONG-

Athena: I can tell that what you're about to do is going to go horribly wrong and I will be ready to say "I told you so" when it does.

Hermes: I don't know what Athena is talking about.
Apollo: Me neither. Like, I'll catch random snippets like "Apollo will then" and stuff like that about me-
Ares: Wait, she's not speaking gibberish??

Artemis: Apollo, please no.
Apollo, cheering Hermes on with a couple of other gods as he dumps random stuff on his head while standing on a steep cliff: All I heard was "Apollo is awesome"-
Artemis: Why. Do. I. Even. Bother.

???: Well hello there pretty-
*all 12 Olympians suddenly surround ??? and Hestia*
Artemis: Not.
Athena: Cool.
Apollo: you take one more step at her,
Poseidon: you DIE.
Hestia, in her head: wow i love my family so much sometimes

Werty 06-17-2019 10:11 PM

And also my PJO oc story because I can-

Liam: Why are you doing this
Carter: Why aren't you

Aspen: So Skylar, how much summer reading homework does your school give?
Skylar, with Carter behind her lugging books: Yes.

Pastel: Hey everyone, welcome back to camp
Carter:who is THIS
Tasha: who the actual f-

SilverMoon 06-18-2019 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by Werty (Post 602462)
And also my PJO oc story because I can-

Liam: Why are you doing this
Carter: Why aren't you

Aspen: So Skylar, how much summer reading homework does your school give?
Skylar, with Carter behind her lugging books: Yes.

Pastel: Hey everyone, welcome back to camp
Carter:who is THIS
Tasha: who the actual f-

Omg I love them

Werty 06-19-2019 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by SilverMoon (Post 602463)
Omg I love them

thank you

to be fair only pastel and tasha are entirely mine, me and a friend created liam and aspen, and helped a third friend create taylor. neither skylar nor carter belong to me but carter is my favorite character anyways and we don't mind writing in our friend's perspectives so-

but let's do more, shall we

Pastel: so, i'm lez
Taylor: gasp, really?
Skylar: this was the totally unexpected plot twist of the summer even considering you're coming from the literal rainbow cabin
Aspen: oh my gods wow
Liam: *shock*
Carter: you're paying me 10 drachmas to keep it a secret i already knew, right
Aspen and Skylar: *pushes Carter off bench*

Gracithe1andonly 06-28-2019 02:50 PM

all my quotes for everyone are incorrect

sans: *walking through a beautiful garden of sunflowers* asriel, look, it's your kin!

maedhros: you can be sure you have failed at life when you are babysitting your adult brothers


asgore: *as he is trying to kill you* my moral philosophy is a work in progress- apologies for the inconvenience and i assure you i'll regret this later

maglor: *to elrond and elros* as long as you don't turn out like me and my brother, you two will be absolutely fine

elrond: *to the fellowship* of course i'm not going to ask you to swear an oath, who do you think raised me??

aragorn: i am the fulfilment of several thousand year old prophecies, therefore, i am the ultimate nerd

*my OCs*

alex: my name is alexander fairhaven. my name is alexander fairhaven. and i really never asked for this, but tHAt'S OkAY, tHaT's oKaY…

tanner: how do you help a lost kid find herself if she doesn't want to get un-lost?...?...?

luanne: to be completely honest, i think my atheist friend is turning out to be a better christian than i am

bernie: just because i was following you for two weeks and you didn't notice doesn't mean i'm a stalker!

junior durantel: if we were a legal society and this wasn't volunteer work, i'd probably be a millionaire based on how much i can get done in an hour

anno: my two favorite organizations in the world are you guys and chick-fil-a

skip: oh, i am so much cooler than the ghostbusters!!

reed: i'm useless, but at least i can be the manliest cheerleader to ever cheer

lucas: i know you couldn't understand me at the time, but in case you were wondering, my sister slapped me every morning for calling you obscene names in italian

lusa: i can't function on less than a gallon of coffee

cal: i can't be stopped!!! *crashes her bike on a stop sign*

norah: you're all idiots, but you're powerful idiots, so i guess i'd better stick around

aeschere: i know i tried to drown you that one time, but i was a different person then, literally

therese: is it wrong that i find this soulless water spirit attractive?

little skip: i still ship them, even though he tried to kill me

Werty 06-29-2019 08:45 AM

Percy Jackson because I’m in that mood right now

Percy: sometimes I wonder: what in Hades is Annabeth thinking. And then she tells me.

Nico: I think I might be gay
Piper:You think??
Annabeth: you’re the last to know this
Will: hehe yeah gay!
Percy: wait-

Lester, half dead: ok dad I think I’ve learned my lEsson
Zeus: haha your sister hasn’t stormed out of Olympus with rage at me yet so nO

Annabeth: I feel like most of the time people expect me to know what to do. Sometimes I’d rather just be yelling at Hera, ya know

Leo: Wait if I have a gf... who’s gonna third wheel?
Annabeth, without looking up: have Leo do it he’s great at that

FrostBittenKitten 07-03-2019 08:57 PM

Mari: Thea is so pretty

Peri: you're pretty too, don't be jealous

Mari: I'm not jealous, I'm gay

Arne: I feel like doing something stupid

Saph: I'm stupid, do me

Tanya: Paz why are you laughing?

Paz: Can't I just laugh because I feel like it?

Blue: Saph tripped and fell in the parking lot

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