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Raina 05-23-2013 01:23 AM

Interesting school situation ideas?
I'm writing a story in which the characters are in a magic school (medieval ages). This is not the main plot, but I need to develop the characters/setting and show that they had time in the school. At this point I've hit writer's block because I can't think of anything interesting to happen to them while at school.

Veilyn: lonely, silent, blind, over compassionate, confidant, deceptively dangerous (in love with Kaspian)

Kaspian: has amnesia, "cool", dangerous, analytical, sneaky, polite (doesn't really date)

Kreschendo: intellectual, popular amongst the nerds, quick tempered, loves thinking/solving problems

Fierah: popular, first year student, gorgeous, gregarious, artsy, promiscuous

If anyone could come up with some ideas about situations that could happen with these characters while in school, that would be so awesome! And I could get on with my story/life :)

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