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ArabellasAura 06-16-2016 09:46 PM

Seriously, leave my cat alone! (Kitty growls at you.)

Read_Write 06-16-2016 09:48 PM

Try being nice to it for a change. (jk :))

Steampunk 06-16-2016 09:50 PM

Universal peace will come when that cat is nice to someone. So basically never (sorry kitty!)

Read_Write 06-16-2016 09:52 PM

Very few people have ever pet that cat and come back alive.

strawberry 06-16-2016 09:52 PM

villainous children, the lot of you, bullying the smol cat

(Edit: whoops this always happens. im leaving mine but y'all can ignore it if you want xp)

Steampunk 06-16-2016 09:57 PM

Why is that cat so mean?

melanberry 06-16-2016 11:36 PM

(Oh, why'd you guys leave me with this?) Xylophone attack!!! (I'm so sorry, kitty!)

Steampunk 06-17-2016 12:10 AM

Yellow hippopotamus will protect the cat!

Read_Write 06-17-2016 12:21 AM

Zebras will protect me, because they don't like the cat and refuse to protect it. (It really doesn't have any friends, does it?)

Steampunk 06-17-2016 12:39 AM

So should I start?
Alexander Hamilton visited me for my birthday

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