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FrostBittenKitten 02-06-2016 05:20 PM

Forum Game: Corrupt a Wish 2 (I know, another one)
This is the same thing as corrupt a wish, which is another thread that kinda died so...

Basically, I wish for something. Say I wished to not have to go to school. Then the next person would grant my wish, but corrupt it in the process. For example, you could say: Granted. You never get any education, and end up working at McDonald's the rest of your life. And they wish for something, and the next person corrupts it. And on and on and on. So I'll go first.

I wish that mushrooms didn't exist.

HazelHope 02-06-2016 05:33 PM

Wish is granted, but the Mario games also don't exist because of that and a community of avid gamers comes after you with axes.

I wish I would stop playing so much Undertale.

FrostBittenKitten 02-06-2016 06:22 PM

Wish granted. Then you take a walk when you would've been playing Undertale, and fall into a bottomless pit.

I wish that there was no such thing as homework.

Sparklez5858 02-06-2016 06:58 PM

Wish is granted, but all schoolteachers are fired for giving no work and children are no longer educated.

I wished Nutella didn't exist.

FrostBittenKitten 02-06-2016 07:26 PM

Wish granted. You always crave it anyway, and it drives you mad.

I wish there were real unicorns.

Steampunk 04-04-2016 01:33 AM

Wish granted. But the unicorns are evil and impale you with their horns (.....I think there's something wrong with my mind)

I wish I was learning to be a wizard at hogwarts and spent my summers at camp half blood

FrostBittenKitten 04-04-2016 04:19 PM

Wish granted, but since you're a demigod/witch, monsters come after you, break your wand, and kill you.

I wish it was already summer vacation.

Steampunk 04-04-2016 04:22 PM

Wish granted, but because you didn't complete the school year you don't know all the necessary things and you fail the next semester

I wish I could breath underwater

FrostBittenKitten 04-04-2016 04:29 PM

Wish granted. You can't breath air anymore, and so when you try to talk to your family, you suffocate and die.

I wish that I had a never ending supply of ice cream.

Steampunk 04-04-2016 04:35 PM

Wish granted, but you eat to much and get extremely ill

I wish that I could fly

Swallowtail 04-04-2016 04:42 PM

Wish granted, but you can now never stop flying, which causes you to die from exhaustion.
I wish I wasn't sick anymore.

FrostBittenKitten 04-04-2016 05:18 PM

You get better strangely and no one can figure out why, so the doctors take you to do research on, and you get a deadly disease and die.

I wish that I had a pet dragon like Saphira (from Eragon, but really dragons are just rlly awesome).

Steampunk 04-04-2016 05:42 PM

Wish granted. But one day she gets angry and eats you

I wish that my crush liked me back

FrostBittenKitten 04-04-2016 06:21 PM

Wish granted, but his ex (or a girl w/ a crush on him if he doesn't have a gf) gets so angry at you that she turns into a dragon and destroys you.

I wish that I was a fox.

Steampunk 04-04-2016 06:28 PM

Wish granted. But a hunter comes and shoots you

I wish that I were better at writing

HazelHope 04-04-2016 07:32 PM

Wish granted, but the ideas suddenly floating around in your head and your desire to write them all in the best way you can causes your brain to implode.

I wish I was still on spring break.

Steampunk 04-04-2016 07:58 PM

Wish granted. But during the time that you WOULD have been at school (if you weren't on spring break) a plane crashes into your house and kills you and your whole family

I wish that superheroes were real

FrostBittenKitten 04-05-2016 04:48 PM

Wish granted. Super villains are also real, and you get killed by the Joker.

I wish that I didn't have to wear glasses.

Steampunk 04-05-2016 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by FrostBittenKitten (Post 582325)
Wish granted. Super villains are also real, and you get killed by the Joker.

I wish that I didn't have to wear glasses.

Wish granted but the person you like is only into people with glasses (sorry, didn't know what to do for that one, I totally wish I didn't need glasses too)

I wish that my brother were nicer to me ):

FrostBittenKitten 04-05-2016 07:11 PM

Wish granted. Your brother is so nice to you that your parents get suspicious and then they tell a psychologist who your brother has a hard time with so they ask a doctor who has no idea. Finally everyone is very frustrated. Then out of nowhere a dinosaur devours you and your brother. (srry idk what to do for that since i totally get you)

I wish that there was no such thing as boredom.

Steampunk 04-05-2016 08:52 PM

Wish granted. But in order to destroy boredom everyone must spend every waking moment of their life doing something dangerous/thrilling. But while your bungee jumping the rope snaps and you fall to your death? Idk. I wish boredom didn't exist too D:

I wish that nobody ever got sick

FrostBittenKitten 04-06-2016 04:39 PM

Wish granted. But the aliens wonder why no human is sick and they demand the answer but no one can tell them so they wage war on Earth. (I wish no one got sick as well tho)

I wish that I had a chocolate cake right now.

HazelHope 04-07-2016 12:54 PM

Wish granted. It's gluten free, wheat free, and vegan with ammonia-flavored icing.

For lack of a better wish, I wish for the ability to enter any fictional universe I want.

Steampunk 04-07-2016 03:59 PM

Wish granted but something goes wrong and you get trapped there until one of thr characters eventually kills you.

I wish that I could go to Picton whenever I want (for those of you who don't know (so probably most of you) it's a beach in Kingston (Canada) that holds most of my best memories)

FrostBittenKitten 04-07-2016 05:20 PM

Wish granted. The way that you get to Picton is by becoming a bird, but once you become a bird, you a permanently a bird and get killed by a hunter.

I wish that I was in a band.

Steampunk 04-07-2016 07:04 PM

Wish granted but an insane fan of your band falls in love with you and kidnaps you. Nobody ever saves you :(

I wish that Percy Jackson was real :D

FrostBittenKitten 04-07-2016 09:54 PM

Wish granted. (I would wish that too xD) But then you die by being trampled by a herd of fangirls looking for Percy.

I wish that I could snap and whistle. That's right, I can't.

Steampunk 04-08-2016 05:23 PM

Wish granted. But the snaps and whistles summon a demon who devours your soul

I wish that None of the good guys (including snape) had been killed in Harry Potter *crying because Fred was so amazing D: *

FrostBittenKitten 04-08-2016 05:35 PM

*cries bc I love Fred TT^TT* Wish granted. But all of the evil characters also come back to life and this time Fred and George die.

I wish I could fly.

Steampunk 04-08-2016 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by FrostBittenKitten (Post 582507)
*cries bc I love Fred TT^TT* Wish granted. But all of the evil characters also come back to life and this time Fred and George die.

I wish I could fly.

NOOOO YOU EVIL, EVIL PERSON *sobbing at the loss of both the twins*

Steampunk 04-08-2016 05:39 PM

Wish granted but you get sucked into an airplane propellor and DIE (I may or may not be bitter)

I wish that that everything on my phone didn't have so many adds!!!!!

FrostBittenKitten 04-08-2016 05:55 PM

Wish granted. But because of that, the companies who made the ads lose all of their money and you get killed by an angry mob!

I wish that there was world peace.

Steampunk 04-08-2016 05:57 PM

... Yeah, I got nothing

I wish that that I didn't have any enemies

melanberry 05-08-2016 11:14 PM

I'll corrupt both of your wishes!

Luna- Granted. The world is perfect and out of balance with good and bad. Laws are taken away, so everyone goes crazy and we become a dystopian Earth.

Norah- Granted. You like everybody and they think you're creepy, so they Secretly plot to kill you.

I wish I were more like my friends.

Steampunk 06-12-2016 09:53 PM

Wish granted but you become an exact copy of them and lose your individuality

melanberry 06-12-2016 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by Steampunk (Post 585933)
Wish granted but you become an exact copy of them and lose your individuality

What do you wish for?

Steampunk 06-12-2016 10:16 PM

Oops sorry
I wish that the author didn't kill off my favorite character!

melanberry 06-12-2016 10:25 PM

Wish granted. Then that author doesn't get enough money from his/her books because no one thinks their books are interesting and worth reading anymore. So then, the author's books go out of print and he/she has to live in shame for the rest of their life, even if before that book, they were a pretty good writer. So then, they realize that you were the one who prevented the readers' interest, and the author comes for you because his money was wasted because of you.

I wish I could be a more interesting person.

BookKitty 06-12-2016 10:53 PM

wish granted!! everyone thinks you're the most interesting and cool person and they follow you everywhere and you never have any privacy.

i wish i was a braver person...

Steampunk 06-12-2016 11:04 PM

Wish granted, you're so brave that you spend your life doing courageous/stupid things that end up getting you killed. You die a slow, painful death
I wish that more people read my stories

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