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Danish621 01-17-2009 01:37 AM

New Idea!!!
haha I know, I've been coming up with a bunch of plots that I do nothing with. 9_9 Anyways, I really like this one, so I'll write it to overcome my Writer's Block on Following Footsteps. (STUPID BLOCK!!!! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE A BUILDING BLOCK! XD)

Anyways, here's the idea:

Noel Alana Camden is an orphan--she was sent to the orphanage when she was barely a year old. And now, she's twelve, hating her orphanage with a passion. Strong passion.

And then, Hermia Allens comes along. Hermia is everything she's not--Noel loves lurking around in the shade, Hermia loves being sprawled out in the sun, that kind of stuff. But opposites DO attract sometimes, and Hermia and Noel was one of these times. So they become the best of friends, the only thing that makes Noel like the orphanage.

Hermia, daring as she is, persuades Noel to run away with her. Reluctantly, Noel agrees.

There are loads of plot twists, I can just see it in my head. Yep, I pretty much GOT IT! I can see the characters and EVERYTHING!!! Flickr time!

I need names for "extras", as I call them, and also a name for the orphanage. Oh, and I need titles, too. :D


Danish621 06-15-2009 03:24 PM's funny how much people change their minds.

Especially me.

I never even started this story. Yet, looking back, I do suppose this will be the story I'll use for KidPubuary. Isn't it funny how you stumble upon something when you're searching for nothing at all? Funny. LAUGH DARN IT! xP

But yeah. This idea, although slightly cliche, I will use for KidPubuary. yayza!

And, in response to my old self:

Well, a good idea for extras would be regular names ad such, like Mary or Rosa. And maybe a sprinkling of unique names: Sober, Harbour, Sabre.

Danish621 06-15-2009 03:25 PM

Also, a nice title would be Once Upon or Ever After. Maybe there could be a special photograph Noel or Hermia have, and the title could be Yesterday's Photograph.

special 06-16-2009 01:33 AM

*Eye roll* Love how you talk to yourself. And didn't you start this? Or am I crazy too?

Danish621 06-16-2009 01:40 AM



I started this, except I tweaked it. No more Hermia. haha.

And I talk to myself. It kinda creeps people out sometimes...and some people think I'm talking to them.

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