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melanberry 06-18-2016 05:27 PM

But why isn't your head landing on a bunch of different keys, nearby the z key? Is your head smaller than the z key?!

ArabellasAura 06-18-2016 05:31 PM

Can't you figure it out? My head put more weight on the Z key than anything else. You can land on a key without making it go "aaaaaa" or whatever.

Steampunk 06-18-2016 05:37 PM

Don't act like we're children, we already knew that!

melanberry 06-18-2016 05:53 PM

Even if you aren't a child, you don't know if we are ugly crazy middle-aged peoples.

FrostBittenKitten 06-18-2016 06:09 PM

Finally back everyone. I know you missed me.

ArabellasAura 06-18-2016 06:16 PM

Good, I missed you, but you came at a bad time because I'll be gone in a few minutes

Read_Write 06-18-2016 06:20 PM

Hello everyone!

ArabellasAura 06-18-2016 07:28 PM

I'm finally back. Guess what we went out for!

Read_Write 06-18-2016 07:28 PM

Jelly beans?

ArabellasAura 06-18-2016 07:32 PM

Kitties! No, we went out for donuts. My parents just wanted them suddenly so now I'm sugared up :)

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