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HannahChen2009 12-12-2013 05:21 AM

Brainwashed~ Mental Character Retreat*For TDC and Jill mostly*
It's a day of great depression.
What happened? Romance happened. Now...
The NES on the main site is out of control. It is no longer the story we once loved. The characters are no more the characters we once created.
The characters are changing, and so is the story. The story is taken to a new level, and frankly, we probably won't be in it.
So many old characters that were forgotten. So many new characters and confuzzling plot lines that I don't know what to say.
We really don't mean any offense in any way to those at the NES right now. It's just not our kind of story.
This NES is mainly for those who once wrote in the main site NES for the past year or so and left because the story was too confusing and your character was changed, AKA me and Ena.
Minnesota's changed, and so has Saeran. Saeran was supposed to be all grumpy and closed off, but dang the love of his life Serena happened. And then things got out of control; Ena did try to bring him back , insisting in his POV that he can't fall in love and he has to keep to himself, but with negative results.
In general, we are here in a retreat in attempt to brainwash our characters and ourselves, remind us of what they actually look like, and what their personalities were before they were slowly eaten and changed.


Now... Start brainwashing.

HannahChen2009 12-12-2013 05:55 AM

Name: Willow
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Chocolate brown shoulder-length hair, milky brown eyes and a few freckles dotting her face. She has the appearance of a 10 year old, because she was cursed by a witch long ago, a curse that has gone through her family for years. She's around 53 inches, or 135 centimeters. She's thin but fast, and because she's small, she's able to get into small places. Her hair is strait and silky, funny that she's never ironed it before.
Personality: Fast and funny, sarcastic at times but a good leader. Can stay level headed in a crisis, but her feelings gets hurt easily. She depends on her friends a lot, they support her leadership and makes her more carefree. She's a sweet girl. She pretends to shrug off insults or looks most of the time; some of them really don't matter, but some of them do. And she's been hurt with words before, so is more secluded around strangers. To be a strong leader, she is learning to open up more and trust, be strong, and be a listener. She yaks a lot, but sometimes can't calm down enough to listen to other peoples' opinions, with help, she is improving. Willow isn't her real name, she lost all memory after she agreed to the curse. Her real name is Ivory Shillings, sister to Myrtile. She just remembers Myrtile is her sister, but she doesn't remember Myrtile's real name either. They are really close, and they can sense each other *see Other for more details*
Back-story: When they were 10, Myrtile and Willow were faced a decision: The curse. The curse has run in their family for years, pinning them to their feet. And the two girls wanted to break it. Little of their ancestors chose a similar fate: They'd rather live a poor life with many heartbreaks and hurt, physically and mentally, rather then stay 10 forever and endure eternal loneliness, never to find love.
Other: Willow has the sight, meaning she can see most of what's happening in the gateway, but she doesn't necessarily know where or when it is happening. BUT when it gets to Myrtile, her sight gets really strong and it leads her to wherever Myrtile is using an invisible force pulling her onwards. With Myrtile, she will only see now and the near future. When Myrtile is hurt, she will feel throbbing wherever Myrtile is hurt, 10 times lighter than Myrtile. So if she's hurt so badly she gasps, Myrtile might even be dying. That's how they keep their connection.

SilverMoon 12-12-2013 08:30 AM

Name: Minnesota
Age: 13, I believe she was 12 when she first came in.
Gender: F
Appearance: Minnesota has straight, copper colored hair with soft silver streaks that goes to her shoulders and her eyes are a dark gunmetal blue; she's tall for her age and has a lean and curvy build. Her skin is fair and freckles dot her face. She's usually wearing long khaki green pants and some sort of black top. She also wears black shoes.
Personality: She's known to*be*relatively*serious, as well as fierce, bitter, and harsh most of the time, but is occasionally more open and happy. She also has a truckload of sarcasm at her service at all times, other than that she has a bit of a dark sense of humor. She's a smooth talker and also likes a bit of roughness (aka a bit of fighting) and can be a formidable enemy when the time calls for it. At first she was kind of 'that harsh redhead girl lurking in the corner and insulting people' and only stuck around because a) she had nowhere better to go, b) she kept getting dragged into their problems, and c) they eventually started to grow on her. She was always all "Tch. Another newbie?" whenever a new character showed up and has always been fairly hard to approach. However she's less mean once you get to know her and is basically a tsundere. Over her time in the NES, now about a year, she's (somewhat unwillingly) become closer to the group, and is actually kind of one of the leaders now. She's become more responsible and come to care more for the well being of the group-- but she's still a tsundere which is the part people always mess up.
Back-story: It's noted that her past is dark, but most of it has yet to be revealed. It is only known that her brother, Jaxon, once tried to kill her. I'm hoping to have this play a major part in the NES later.
Other: Icicle is one of her few close friends, along with Willow, and she has a bit of a rivalry with Echo. She had a sort-of crush on Miles a while back on the Mainsite, and I'm unsure whether I'll still have this. If I do it'll be much more tsundere-like, as the others kind of screwed that up too. She's also known as the Mistress of Illusion and is skilled at this magic. I'd like to be able to develop her powers more, have situations which require her and her magic to become stronger.

SilverMoon 12-13-2013 06:11 PM

(Okay I'm definitely not going back now so how 'bout we move /our/ NES here and just begin again with our charries and such?)

toriluv91750 12-13-2013 06:38 PM

Yeah me neither, so yeah I like that idea
Should we also include Liz and Gary?

lvhamsters 12-13-2013 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by toriluv91750 (Post 507742)
Yeah me neither, so yeah I like that idea
Should we also include Liz and Gary?

Sorry for intruding.
I find it kind of sad :c Around three or four years ago Liz and Gary were the main characters on there and we had so much fun using those characters. It's so sad that they were almost forgotten and that new characters have taken their place. Wasn't the NES originally about them? Ever since KP was created, they were the main characters :C
*is sad because age and time and bleh*

SilverMoon 12-13-2013 10:49 PM

Yes, I think we should include them much more than the Mainsite did. They need character forms too, right? We need to know our characters better, so that we can control the charries without changing their personalities.

The core characters (Gary, Liz, Icicle, Crystal, Hazel, Fawn, Stephen, Willow, Minnesota/ Saeran and Sam aren't really but I wish to include them, and all the old characters and stuff) should all be in this, shouldn't they? I don't care if they're using them on the Mainsite, the NES wouldn't be the same without them, y'know?

Also, I want to start over some things, like I want to bring Jaxon in some time after this has started so a bit more detail can be added to his and Minnesota's past as siblings.

SilverMoon 12-13-2013 11:04 PM

Name: Saeran Haldis
Age: Unknown (probs around 15 or so)
Gender: M
Appearance:He has anthracite black hair that's shaggy, messy, and spiky all at once; his eyes are a greenish-black color and he sports a tan complexion. He's quite muscular and of average height. He's normally wearing dark colors.
Personality: He's reclusive and quiet, but not one you want to anger. People think he's a dark guy because of his appearance and tendencies, and this is pretty true, but they still have no right to judge him because they don't know him. He's a very closed person and operates on his own-- he doesn't like it when people butt into his problems and he doesn't usually concern himself with theirs. Like Minnesota, he has a dark past, but he handled it differently-- he isn't sarcastic and cynical like she is. He's also pretty quiet, only says necessary things in usually short sentences until you get to know him, and those who do can tell more of the meaning behind his short sentences. He doesn't necessarily dislike people, but he dislikes being around them-- at least at first.
Back-story: (I'll fill this out later.)
Other: He controls shadows, and partially, Shadows, as he has a connection to the Shadows (apparently). He has different modes and uses among his powers that I will address in the story.

HannahChen2009 12-14-2013 12:18 PM

Gahhhhhh I just typed a whole lot and it wad DELETED.
So, Echo and Lupa? Even though they're not mine but like I said, they were the main characters when Willow was first there, and they mean a lot.
Also, we don't know what Gary and Liz look like, so we have to make that up, as well as most of the core characters because most of them I don't know who created.
Also, since its not just me and TDC, we need to make rules. Two characters at most, and NO MAKING UP CHARACTERS FOR OTHETD TO ADOPT.
You can have 1 temporary charrie at a time, but they have to be gone by, say a month, okay?
Alright, so time to include in exclusive detail the entrance and becoming of your character, and how they came to the Gateway, and the renewed KP NES now... Begins.

SilverMoon 12-14-2013 05:54 PM

Sam is technically a temporary character, I guess? Not really though, he comes and goes and comes again, I guess?

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