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coolcate781 07-12-2014 09:15 PM

Write your own news story!
Okay, I kind of just felt like starting a thread or something, so I decided go do this.

Why don't KPers write their own news stories? You can use your imagination, base it off something you read; it could even be a news story about KidPub!

In a little while I will collect lots of different articles and make a newspaper out of it which I will post on WB.


FlyingPig 07-12-2014 10:01 PM

Kittens Start Flying
By Mathilda

Recently around the world kittens have begun to fly. Well, trying to at least. Young cats are making their way to roofs of houses and leap of, waving their paws around. Not all kittens are doing it though. Mrs. Hailey Greenburg says her new cat is playful, but rarely goes outside. Greenburg told reporters that her cat, Winterflakes, has not started trying to fly.

So what makes some felines feel the need to fly? Scientists Gerald Formar, and David Curtson have been researching cat behavior to find out.
"Surveys have been telling us cats jumping are hunters, stalking specifically birds," Formar says. "Kittens, still young and learning, might be picking up habits from birds."

Although this 'epidemic' might make an interesting science project, it is quite worrisome to owners. Leo Phillips, owner of seventeen cats, says,"Mars, one of my newest cats, started trying to fly two days ago. Even though cats are agile creatures, I worry about what will happen is Mars crashes."

Scientists are looking for ways to stop this flying, but until they make a breakthrough, keep your kittens away from the roof!

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