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L.S.Trendom 06-17-2011 12:05 AM

The internet has failed… D: And we added at least two hundred pages. Posts, I mean.

GabiDi 06-17-2011 12:06 AM

YES!!!! A poem I am finally happy with! :D

dragongirl 06-17-2011 12:10 AM

I just read that!:p

GabiDi 06-17-2011 12:13 AM

XD Yay! :p

Kiwara 06-17-2011 12:14 AM

Night guys...

L.S.Trendom 06-17-2011 12:15 AM

Four… hours… of… sleep… *Hurls self into bed painfully*

GabiDi 06-17-2011 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by Kiwara (Post 120782)
Night guys...

:D Good night, Kiwara! :3

L.S.Trendom 06-17-2011 12:17 AM


dragongirl 06-17-2011 12:23 AM

I'm wide awake and it's almost midnight...:D

Hmm, I have a genius plan. But I'll need a banjo, a map of New Jersey and most of Europe, Richie Sambora's hat(I will also need a map for that...) and an albino llama. Oh yeah, I may also need a taco and/or some random Italian food thing...

GabiDi 06-17-2011 12:26 AM

DON'T FORGET THE PICASSO PAINTINGS, DRAGON!! And take me with you! :3 :rolleyes: :p :D

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