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L.S.Trendom 04-22-2011 07:16 PM

Nope! :D

GabiDi 04-22-2011 07:53 PM

It would not seem so. ;)

L.S.Trendom 04-22-2011 07:58 PM

*Sobs* XP

I lost The Game.

Hm… I'm thinking of saying that I'm left-handed and just have no dexterity at all. :P

GabiDi 04-22-2011 07:59 PM

Dishonesty is food to the marriage! It will die without it! ~ Glee


L.S.Trendom 04-22-2011 08:06 PM

I've never watched Glee. Or had any idea what it's about. :P

GabiDi 04-22-2011 08:11 PM

xD It's funny...silly, but funny. Like...HSM, only less spontaneous. ;)

L.S.Trendom 04-22-2011 08:12 PM

Aha! High School Musical! XP

GabiDi 04-22-2011 08:13 PM

I Do Not Believe In Hsm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :d

L.S.Trendom 04-22-2011 08:23 PM

XD I took apart the watch. The battery(I think) fell out, onto the desk. Now I can't pick it up. :P

GabiDi 04-22-2011 08:28 PM

Lol! XD Try licking your finger and pressing it onto the battery...

*sad piano music for no reason at all*

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