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pluzzle 12-13-2014 04:17 AM

Dont quote think of this like a journalentry
I really want to kill myself like this apartment is high enough up potentially and the fence is so low i could do it but the balcony is off from the living room and everyone is awake fuck im so sorry im so sorry im so sorry please help me i know no one is there but please help me i was fine until this morning what the fuck

My dads threatening to leave and i cant do this anymore and im so so sure that theyd be better off without me being a fuckwit all the time ohh my god

Owen-L 12-13-2014 09:13 PM

does anyone ever say something kinda bad about your appearance as mostly a joke and you're just like "haha" and going along with it, but then you remember it later on and you're like "oh..."

pluzzle 12-14-2014 04:00 AM

i want to tell someone about what happened last nihgt but i cant id write it down but i get distracted too easiy

Dr.Awesome 12-14-2014 09:59 PM

I try to think that maybe if I can write the formula to love, but I'm struggling to figure out why no one loves me. I tell myself it's because I'm complicating the equation too much and I need to slow down and figure out what is the formula I'm trying to get. I'm hiding the fact that I don't know why no one loves me. There are a few things to love about me that I've noticed, but I guess there are a few more things on other people. And maybe I try to hard to scribble down my formula to love that I've pushed away potential lovers, but I don't care. My question is, why can't I have mine?

Lena 12-15-2014 07:37 AM

on the edge of a breakdown whoops
i cant afford to fail this i cant cant cant
i need tea
oh god i dont think i can eat
i cant afford to fail

Lena 12-15-2014 09:04 AM

update: i managed to eat a little bit

i'm still nervous

i can't afford to fail these exams

pluzzle 12-15-2014 09:10 PM

There is nothing that can make me actually happy my friends refuse to listen to me talk about how much i want to kill myself even though all i want is a hug no one cares w oww but its ok they womt have to deal with me much longer

pluzzle 12-16-2014 12:10 AM in whcih a dumb idiot talks about how much everything is awful in not so many words and that i want to be with the stars

Ember 12-16-2014 01:03 AM


Originally Posted by pluzzle (Post 562798) in whcih a dumb idiot talks about how much everything is awful in not so many words and that i want to be with the stars

I wish I could hug you I really do
Please know you're really rad and I look up to and respect you a lot
I'm not good at being encouraging and inspiring but
Don't join the stars yet
A ton of people around here would miss you loads
And the world needs you and your writing because it's inspiring and beautiful and
And you're inspiring and beautiful and I have a firm belief that every soul has a ton of value
And from what I've seen on this site you're just an amazing human being
yup so I can't hug you and I really suck at making people feel better
but please do feel better
Because you deserve to be happy.
And I know from experience that feeling like crap sometimes makes you appreciate life just that much more
(oops cheesy)
/sorry this isn't as good as a hug/

CosmoCat 12-16-2014 02:17 PM

This has been another rant with CosmoCat.

Originally Posted by pluzzle (Post 562798) in whcih a dumb idiot talks about how much everything is awful in not so many words and that i want to be with the stars

*picks you up* *carries you to my house* *shoves cookies in your mouth* *wraps you in a blanket* *forces you to listen to dreamy pop songs with me*


*gives you milk with the cookies* *hands you a cat*

listen guys, i really wanna die too, but heck i also really wanna party at new years. so please stay alive for something, just set yourself a short term goal. like, i'll try not to kill myself this week because i have that awesome thing coming up on Monday LIKE WINTER BREAK or start a Tv series on youtube or neflix and promise yourself you won't do anything until you finish it. then just keep setting longer and longer goals, but at the exact moment you feel like you wanna die, just break down and cry, but stay away from things like knives and bridges and highways. honest, i felt like this a little while ago, but keeping away from dangers helped me calm down because it became to unreasonable and bothersome to go through the trouble of getting to those things. and listening to a lot of random music can help, so put on any kind of fast music and just listen to that until you feel better. usually, you'll start hating the songs and sort of criticize parts of those instead of thinking about suicide.

But stay away from slow songs or sad songs. stick with something peppy and LOUD preferably. or find some old toilet paper tubes and just set yourself up a place where you can rip them apart with your bare hands. using different cardboards can help, but so long as your hands are busy and you're getting some of your frustration out, it works. and also, don't go a lot of places alone. try to distance yourself, but don't go for a walk or a hike or a drive or anything where you're not 50 feet away from someone you know and trust. not because you'll do something, but because someone could do something to you. then you'll be hurting yourself and someone else is hurting you, so try to stay nearby someone, especially if there's a tiny chance they'll do something random to cheer you up.

but, guys, if you really wanna die, please know that i love you and don't want any of you to die. seriously, think of all of the movies you haven't seen yet, too. the books you still want to read and the animals you haven't pet yet! or the clothes you haven't worn, that picture you haven't draw, those presents you haven't opened, that one attractive or friendly stranger that you want to see again, that place you wanna go to, that place you wanna go BACK to, that food you want to eat again, that one candy that you can't remember the name of that you really loved as a kid and you really wanna try it again to see if it tastes different now that you're older.

and if any of you want me to send you a christmas card, let me know and i'll give you my e-mail address. then you can send your mail box info and i'll write you out a card. if you don't celebrate christmas, then i can try to send you something else to cheer you up. i'll draw you a thing and write in my really crappy swirly handwriting. but seriously, i'm about to send out 10 christmas cards to my friends and family. nobody will notice if i need to send a few more. except me cuz i'll need to count how many stamps i need. but really, i'm a terrible pen pal, but i can send you stuff like scarves and drawings and stuff if you lack a friend who can do that for you. again, just let me know here or somewhere (i hang out on the last person who posted here thread and the art thread a lot) and i will try to send out some cards by the end of the week. if you want, i'll also send you pictures i've taken because i go a lot of places in america so if you even wanted to see somethin there or in another state, let me know

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