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Lauren 05-10-2009 05:57 AM

Does not. YOU LIE!!!! I had it specially engraved - says Laurel Leaf.
*yanks it from her and points* SEE??

Jack 05-10-2009 10:05 AM

so somebody under estimated me!!!!!!!! for wining

Rachel 05-10-2009 11:27 AM

No, I estimated it right. I knew I would win. And I did.

Kiwara 05-10-2009 12:01 PM

No, I believe I did. Oh, my trophy!:)

Rachel 05-10-2009 12:02 PM

You must be delirious, since what you believe is WRONG! The trophy is mine, as a reward for winning

Kiwara 05-10-2009 12:12 PM

Oh really? Thanks for the trophy Rachel!

Rachel 05-10-2009 12:14 PM

I didn't give you the trophy.
the trophy is mine.

Kiwara 05-10-2009 12:18 PM

If I'm dead then how did I still win?

BTW: Alot has happened in the Dragon RPG since you last posted. Just wanted to let you know.

Rachel 05-10-2009 12:21 PM

You didn't win. I did.
Yeah, I know about the Dragon RPG. It seems that whenever I log off for an hour, there are 3 new pages to the thread. I kind of gave up on it, since I never have enough time to read it. Can you give me a basic overview so I don't have to read everything? Then I'll post more on it again.

Kiwara 05-10-2009 12:30 PM

Lol..yeah.:o Okay basic overview time. Blaksar collapsed, Abela and Sceth(dustfinger) took Siri to help him, then they end up telling each other for the most part of their past. Meanwhile, Misuma and Syene(two new characters created by me) land in the clearing and just kind of wait there. Blaskar gets Siri back to the clearing and they meet Syene and Misuma. A battle breaks out. Syene and Misuma get away, but they nearly kill Siri and Blaskar as a result. Kerrigon injures Abela also Sagar creates a more evil character. That for the most part is it.:D

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