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cloudwriter 12-23-2010 05:54 PM

I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yea....I was just trying to explain to my dad what *facepalm* means.

L.S.Trendom 12-23-2010 05:58 PM

That's it… Desperate times call for desperate measures… I'm gonna steal Shayok's—I think it was his—plan for dominating this thread…

*Picks up phone* *Dials number* Yeah, we have crazy people here. Page 614, Forum Game: Last person to post here wins!, Writer's Block Forum, KidPub. Uh huh. Yeah, try to hurry.

I win! They will assure my victory! :p

cloudwriter 12-23-2010 06:08 PM

NOO!!!! Picks up phone. "Forget about coming to The Forum Game: Last Person to post here wins post, page 614." *Takes LST's phone* *Crushes both phones* Ha! Now your plan will never work!!!!'
I win!

L.S.Trendom 12-23-2010 06:19 PM

Erm… That wasn't mine. That was the sheriff's. He's coming to take it back in a few minutes.
I win!

And you forgot the *s around the first action, so it didn't work! :p I WIN!!!!!!

goprincess135 12-23-2010 06:43 PM

But I won this game for the time being :D

L.S.Trendom 12-23-2010 06:54 PM

I am the current winner. As De-Ecrivian has said, shall we mourn your loss of winning? :p

wildwolf 12-23-2010 07:09 PM

NO. I WIN!!!!! Ahhh!

L.S.Trendom 12-23-2010 07:09 PM

I win!

wildwolf 12-23-2010 07:11 PM

No, you didn't. I win.

L.S.Trendom 12-23-2010 07:14 PM

Well, I'm currently winning.

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