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SilverMoon 02-18-2017 12:42 AM


Originally Posted by strawberry (Post 594321)
whOa i just realized how many characteristics alexander and i share...guilt complex high five bby
Rio is honestly a morally screwed person and is horrible tbH, he'll use and manipulate anyone for his gain and has little to no empathy for others and flaky with people. he's the worst

nicee. I didn't realize how big of a guilt complex Alexander has until I started writing pbpfp lol :3
rise, Dark Rio. but even if it's for selfish reasons, he does care about some people, right?

SilverMoon 02-18-2017 12:43 AM

the //sings dat bastille song tag, i <3 u

SilverMoon 02-18-2017 12:25 PM

Arisa: literally so fucking melodramatic, never really does anything but still buts in to get involved in all the happenings of xyr various acquaintances, self-isolating as hell, rlly annoying, smart but doesn't do anything with it, has no inherent character traits and just emulates the ppl around xem oops, no sense of identity, what is a personality, literally hates geniuses so much it's a wonder xie hasn't committed murder yet (probably bc all of xyr longtime acquaintances are geniuses/prodigies and xie finds them too interesting to let go of), highkey bitter, pisses off ppl xie shouldnt piss off but doesn't give a fuck, takes everything too seriously yet doesn't take anything seriously at all, basically believes xie's useless, has a strange taste in acquaintances and a stranger way of becoming acquainted with them, xyr whole life is butting in on shit that's not xyr business bc xie doesn't have any business of xyr own, latches on to certain ppl, there's probably more lmao

SilverMoon 02-18-2017 12:33 PM

Harigae: SELF-ISOLATING AS ALL HELL, afraid of change, utterly dependent on her powers and current state, literally is 16 but lives in an apartment by herself and takes online school and doesn't interact with anyone her own age, has no idea what normal human life is like, has no friends, usually too passive and only moved to act by fear, such a brat, addresses everyone overly familiarly, respects like 2 ppl, neither of which are her parents, lowkey only attached to her little brother, probably empathy-deficient, has no reason for existing, doesn't feel alive, literally has no idea what a friend is, pretentious probably, has 0 hopes, dreams, or goals

SilverMoon 02-18-2017 12:35 PM

come to think of it... do my characters have any good traits

SilverMoon 07-06-2017 05:38 PM

This is my fave thread for brainstorming and character development TBH.

SilverMoon 03-18-2018 10:54 PM

yooooo I should use again

SilverMoon 01-01-2019 09:05 PM

If u don’t think I’m gonna come in and do this for every character in my master list, ur wrong

SilverMoon 01-01-2019 11:15 PM

Sin Game alone gonna take awhile bc. Any character with development (read: the main 5) is extremely flawed

Chase: Too apathetic, uses apathy as a defense mechanism, deep suppressed hatred of society and conformity, almost completely amoral in the traditional sense with his only axes being how interesting and different something is, never expresses emotions properly so there’s so much bubbling under the surface (he didn’t have anyone to listen to him), super desperate to make life different to the point that he’ll go to extremes— before the plot, has no purpose or motivation, honestly incapable of trusting adults, not good at functioning in school because he hates/fears routine to irrational levels, EVERYTHING IS SUPPRESSED BEHIND APATHY AND HAVING PRACTICALLY GIVEN UP ON LIFE HAVING A PURPOSE OR EVEN BEING INTERESTING, UNTIL PLOT HAPPENS

December: incapable of expressing herself, extremely repressed, bad at communicating with others, also incapable of trusting adults even more than Chase, not in touch with her own needs or wants at all, cares about people but can’t demonstrate affection, unintentionally cold to others, will give up too easily (esp on people) because she distances herself from anything she deems a threat— afraid of pain (honestly, better than most of the others because she and Liam actually have some kindness and morals)

Maude: lacks self control, often impulsive, deceptive, manipulative, rude, compulsive liar, doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings, chaotic to extremes, can be hypocritical, oversimplified view of life— almost childish, refuses to believe she’s ever wrong, extremely afraid of losing, can’t express anger in a healthy manner, probably unhealthy coping mechanisms, honesty is weakness, rude to others for no reason, literally never listens to anyone even if she should, lies to herself as much as she lies to others, focuses too much on how others will perceive her

Cystenian: god where do I begin. Extremely vindictive, unforgiving, fickle and has unrealistic expectations, pathologically egocentric, self absorbed, overly emotional, a deceptive and fake person, feels the need to not be hated by anyone but hates everyone himself, entitlement, an even bigger liar and hypocrite than Maude, moral sociopathy and lack of empathy, hates happy people, somehow is both a gigantic narcissist and also hates himself, has to be perfect, at least to some degree aware of his hypocrisy but does nothing to change it, is obsessed with the perfect image of himself, hates sharing his things, extremely possessive and jealous, honestly? A really petty and toxic and immoral person. Chaotic evil. Doesn’t know any better, extremely childish in terms of emotional maturity. Hyper fixated on certain people, obsessive

Still working on Liam.

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