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Codename-X12 07-06-2016 01:26 PM

The Guardians News
This is a thread for my new super hero series, the Guardians. I hope to do a ton of writing for this and add tons of adventures and heroes. Check out the first chapter:

If you want to be a super-powered warrior, just fill out the form below and post it on this thread or any of my Guardian chapters at the KidPub Home.

Name: (remember that this super hero represents you, choose accordingly)

Real Name: (the real name of your character)

Power(s): (this can just be skills, like Hawkeye, or superhuman powers)

Looks: (what do you wear and what do you look like in the book?)

Personality: (are you kind and gentle or cold and foreboding?)

Backstory: (how did you get your super powers?)


Codename-X12 07-06-2016 01:29 PM

New Super Hero: Kid Darkness
The second super hero has joined the fight in the Guardians. I'm looking for REAL NAMES for all of the heroes so Brian if you could reply the real name of your hero that would be great. I didn't mention that in the form but now I added that in.

Name: Kid Darkness
Powers: Ability to create absolute darkness, can influence peoples minds, can shoot beams of darkness that explode on impact, can fly
Looks: Wears a black cloak, no one ever sees his face
Personality: He Is against the idea of being on a team and is cold to his teammates
Backstory: His parents were killed when he was young. He was found hungry on the streets as a child, and to get money was experimented on. after he gained his powers he swore to get revenge on those who did it. During the story he uncovers new information about his parents.

Codename-X12 07-06-2016 01:30 PM

New Super Hero: The Fox
The third super hero has joined the battle! Welcoming, the Fox! If you can submit a real name for your character I can use, that would be great! :)

Name: The Fox (oh I'm bad at creating superheroes but this looks kinda fun)
Power(s): She can run super fast, jump super high, and hear super well. She carries a cool sword as a weapon.
Looks: As a civilian she has caramel hair, hazel eyes, a sprinkle of freckles, fair skin, hipster glasses. She is tall and thin. When she is a superhero her appearance is largely the same, but she has an orange mask instead of her hipster glasses, orange/black fox ears (I mean this in the way Catwoman has cat ears and Batman had bat ears), a brown skirt (like Supergirl's), an orange shirt, a white bandana around her neck, an orange cape, and long brown boots that gradually turn black at the ends. She has fingerless gloves that match her boots.
Personality: Smart, clever, and kind of a smart Alec, she usually wins battles relying more on wit and speed than on strength. She is fast and better at offense than defense. "The best defense is a good offense," she says. She likes working on a team, but likes being in charge and so sometimes challenges the leader, although she usually listens. She is very stubborn and can't be stopped when she has a plan, no matter how stupid it is. She gets along well with people. She hates being proved wrong, and will go to great lengths to show that she is right. She is kind and friendly (sometimes).
Backstory: She was sick and staying home from school one day when she drank a beverage that she assumed to be water out on the counter. Her father is a scientist so it was actually an experiment, but by the time she realized that it was too late, so she put some water in the glass to make her dad think she didn't drink it, but he did wonder if she did since suddenly his experiment was just water. Ever since then, when she heard a villain with her super hearing and realized she had powers for the first time, she has had to juggle her normal life and school and stuff with being a superhero.

Codename-X12 07-07-2016 10:15 AM

New Super Hero: Safron
Welcome to the Guardians, Safron.

Name: Safron
Real name: Sally
powers: Can turn anything into anything! like a brick into a gun.
looks: short brown hair, with a magical hair clip that she can never loose. mid-hight. She weares a super red outfit with gloves and a small skirt. (If she looses her hair clip, aweful things happen to her.)
personality: nice. She will defend herself and her friends at any cost.
backstory; She found her powers when a theft came into her home. She saw a pencil on the floor, and it suddenly turned into a gun. She saved her family and herself.
Then she promised to always keep anyone safe.That's when she saw the new hair clip in her hair, it was her secret to a safe life.

Codename-X12 07-07-2016 11:35 AM

New Super Hero: Fabric
The fifth super hero has joined the fight against evil!

Name: Fabric
Real Name: Rick Sorte (pronounced SOR-TAY)
Power(s): Like actual cloth, Rick can bend reality and time to exploit an enemy's true fear. He uses this to defeat bad guys sometimes without even touching them, though his power has a backfire as people out there can also overcome their fear. Most effective on weak minds!
Also, he travels by floating (constantly wearing a silky robe that can hide his face).
Looks: Not wearing his cape/robe, Rick is quite handsome. His wavy blonde hair gets pulled back into a man-bun, yet his eyes are pure white with no other color.
Personality: Rick seems to have a separate personality as a crime-fighter in his robe, being distant and quiet. Normally, however, he is cunning and very smart about human emotion/what it is like to be fearful.
Backstory: Rick discovered he could manipulate reality and time when he saved a college crush of his from thieves. How he initially obtained his powers is strange, deriving from his parentage and ancestry...he could potentially be related to aliens. :P

Codename-X12 07-07-2016 11:36 AM

New Super Hero: Sky Skimmer
Welcome to the Guardians, Hazel.

Name: (remember that this super hero represents you, choose accordingly): Sky Skimmer (I'll probably change this lol)
Real Name: (the real name of your character): Hazel Penrose
Power(s): (this can just be skills, like Hawkeye, or superhuman powers): Can flip gravity. It's stronger when Hazel localizes it and weaker when it spreads across a large area. By doing this she can technically fly as well as make other people fly.
Looks: (what do you wear and what do you look like in the book?): Brown hair with bangs, reaching about a foot past her shoulders, and bright hazel eyes. Pale skin; wears braces. Usually wears a boring brown pair of glasses, but when fighting, she wears golden ones. Her costume is mottled a soft blue to blend in with the sky, with gold on the glasses, boots, and gloves. She doesn't wear a cape, as she thinks they're impractical and pointless.
Personality: (are you kind and gentle or cold and foreboding?): Nice to other people, and gentle when trying to help someone, but otherwise loud and cheery. Quirky and slightly awkward, good at making puns, and tending to forget things. Loves to learn and knows a slew of extremely useless fun facts.
Backstory: (how did you get your super powers?): A special wristwatch she has on her right hand lets her flip gravity. Nobody really knows where it came from and Hazel spends hours on end researching it to try and find where it came from. She simply found it on the streets one day and she doesn't want it to turn against her or do anything similar.

waverunner 07-07-2016 05:33 PM

Guardians R outragiously awesome!
Wow, a thread about the Guardians too! Neato!!!!!!!!!!!

HazelHope 07-07-2016 05:46 PM

*cringes at own name* Could I change that to Brightsky instead of Sky Skimmer?

Codename-X12 07-10-2016 01:39 PM

yes of course :)

Codename-X12 07-10-2016 01:40 PM

New Super Hero: Viper
Welcome to the battle, Viper! :)

Name: Viper

Real Name: Ben Sands

Power(s): Invisibility, Ability to create poisons and manipulate how they are used, proficient in a clubbed staff with a knife like blade at the end, wielded from the middle and easily reversable to either point (Skill)

Looks: Black and dark green cloak over thick leather armor / Exactly six foot, lean, short brown hair, and dark brown eyes

Personality: Tactical, charismatic,

Backstory: Mentally scarred after being witness to a shooting, VIper trained himself to forget emotion. He succeded to a point, and now cannot feel fear, sadness, envy, or trust

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