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Gracithe1andonly 08-31-2014 04:31 PM

Anything Tolkien
OMG Feanor is Batman he's a workaholic and a friggin' genius and very driven self-driven and he has a temper and <3 I may have just fallen in love again. Melkor was knocking at his door like "dude! the valar are deceiving us all! And the silmarils ain't safe while you live here!" and Feanor got all protective of his silmarils and his temper acted up and he was like, "i'll call you morgoth from now on, you ************************************************! you are not gonna even touch mah silmarils!" cause that was what Melkor wanted the whole time, to steal feanor's silmarils! and melkor ran away from feanor's wild, extremely hot temper.



Sorry. I was freaking out. Silmarillion is awesome ^^

This is for anything Tolkien! Hobbit, Lord of the Rings trilogy, movies, Silmarillion, you've just learned Sindarin, anything!

This is basically for when I freak out about any LotR character.

Thank you.


Gracithe1andonly 08-31-2014 04:34 PM

Oh, oh! and with Luthien and Beren Luthien is at the gates of Melkor's palace and the guards are all like "you can't go in" and Luthien takes off her cloak, declares herself, and does the elf-glowing thingy. and all the guards are all like, "hot elf-maid! ok! we'll let her in!"

It's hilarious XD

Frostblaze 10-03-2014 05:06 PM

Oooh, what book is that in?
And how am I just finding out about this NOW?

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