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maxi 11-05-2012 12:04 AM

Alphabet NES
We will do this in chapters. :D

So, each post that you make needs to go in alphabetical order. :D

Character Form:
Good or Bad side:

There are different species and each of them have a side (good or bad). They're at war in a world called Vulon. The main character (whoever wants to be the main character) goes in the world from their house.

It's in third person!

My Character:
Name: Gary Connors
Age: 16
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Personality: Quite kind when it comes to helping people, considerate and VERY sarcastic
Good or Bad Side: Good
Appearance: Blonde hair, hazel eyes.


A echo whistled through the wind like a howl from a wolf.

SilverMoon 11-05-2012 10:51 PM

(I'd like to join, but could you explain it a little bit more?)

maxi 11-05-2012 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by SilverMoon (Post 359809)
(I'd like to join, but could you explain it a little bit more?)

So, the plot is that there is a main character (which could be you!) that goes into the world of Vulon and must fight in war to get back home. The big bad guy is named Lokai. And, the God of Vulon is named Fades. :D

And, each post (if you are doing sentences) must be alphabetical.

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