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FrostBittenKitten 07-05-2017 09:23 PM

Powerful and dangerous NES (idk what to call this)
So I had this random idea for a NES that I thought might be interesting (especially since there haven't been new NESes in a while). So it's sort of like a spy agency/magic academy combined. So it's in New York (but has branches across the world). Basically all of the characters are kids who have been recruited because of their special abilities (which I will go into more detail below) and work to try and fix the problems that humans cause. These kids blend in with the humans because they look and typically act human as well, but they were created by an ancient race to keep the humans from destroying each other. There are also others of their kind that seek to destroy the human race. You can either be good, evil, or neutral.

Technopath (technology manipulation/control)
Telepath (can hear others' thoughts and send messages through thoughts)
Pyrokinesis (can control fire)
Umbrakinesis (can control shadows)
Telekinesis (can control objects with your mind)
Hydrokinesis (can control water)
Empath (can read others' emotions and maybe have mild control over them)
(Nothing too powerful please. Keep in mind that everyone has weaknesses.)

Here's the character form (I'll make a character later):
Age (12-18):
Good, evil, or neutral:

I know it's kinda cliche but please join I hope it'll be fun! :)

SilverMoon 07-05-2017 10:48 PM

Why limit the powers?

FrostBittenKitten 07-05-2017 10:50 PM


Originally Posted by SilverMoon (Post 595659)
Why limit the powers?

Idk maybe those can just be examples? I was rly bored when I made this and wanted to think of powers but I honestly don't see why I limited them lol.

Steampunk 07-05-2017 11:10 PM

This sounds pretty cool, I'll participate. Is there a character limit?

FrostBittenKitten 07-05-2017 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by Steampunk (Post 595662)
This sounds pretty cool, I'll participate. Is there a character limit?

Thanks! And nope, as long as you can keep track of all of them!

Steampunk 07-05-2017 11:15 PM


Originally Posted by FrostBittenKitten (Post 595663)
Thanks! And nope, as long as you can keep track of all of them!

Okay, great! I'll try to not make too many but I'll have at least two.

Zelda 07-06-2017 09:57 AM

woah yeaaaa let me join in some of this ninja-spy kids action!

(umbrakinesis is being appended to my list of kineses) pls also consider;
Tychokinesis- manipulation of stochastic fields to create better or worse luck.
Gyrokinesis- manipulation of gravity
Magnokinesis- manipulation of magnetic fields

SilverMoon 07-06-2017 12:02 PM

I'll join btw

FrostBittenKitten 07-06-2017 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by Zelda (Post 595665)
woah yeaaaa let me join in some of this ninja-spy kids action!

(umbrakinesis is being appended to my list of kineses) pls also consider;
Tychokinesis- manipulation of stochastic fields to create better or worse luck.
Gyrokinesis- manipulation of gravity
Magnokinesis- manipulation of magnetic fields

Those all sound good!

Zelda 07-06-2017 04:01 PM

Name: Sanne Giardini (sah-nay)
Age (12-18): 16
Gender/sexuality: Cishet female
Power: Umbrapathic, Empathic via shadows but not in any other way.
Appearance: Smol and kinda angsty-looking. Her hair is a bronze-y brown, thick and messy in an I-want-to-be-edgy-but-that-takes-effort kind of way, it's somewhat choppy and uneven, and full of odds and ends like random braids, or a feather and some beads. She has thin, short scar travelling vertically down the left corner of her lip from the time her sister hit her in the face with a book, it's almost invisible, but when she smiles it pulls on the skin around her mouth and makes her smile slightly crooked. She had braces as a child, but got them removed when she was fifteen, and now has lovely straight teeth. She fair-skinned, and tans nicely, but doesn't spend a lot of time in the sun. Her eyes vary in shade on a gradient ranging from navy blue, to inky blueblack, depending on how tired she is. Dark purple stains the soft area below her eyes from many sleepless nights, she wears prescriptionless glasses sometimes because she finds that it helps disguise the bags under her eyes. She has a small frame, and just barely passes as being a healthy weight. She doesn't talk a lot, but she does move a lot, energetic in her own quiet way. She can normally be found wearing lightwash jeans, a black sports bra, and an extra loose and/or sheer top. She wears runners but not socks, and usually has an energy drink or a coffee on-hand. She also has a penchant for copper jewelry and dark make-up, though she doesn't often have time to apply make-up, she loves to slip on some dark lip-gloss at any opportunity.
Personality: Sanne's quiet, but not shy. She lacks confidence, but tries to work herself up at least some confidence every day-- especially in her body. She doesn't like small talk, so conversations with her will frequently end up as intense discussions on topics like what you fear the most and why, or what acosmism is. She's inquisitive, when she asks something, she asks it with a specific goal in mind. She possesses a one-track mind, and does not work well in a group. Her fight-or-flight reaction is really more of a just-fight reaction, which results in her getting into trouble of the life-and-limb threatening variety. She tends towards the guarded and/or emotionless side of things, not that she dislikes emotion or anything, it's just that her empathic powers give her hell, and because she can't filter well, the easiest path for her to take is to disconnect the emotion part of her mind.
Strengths: She's good a fitting into small spaces and not claustrophobic. She's good at hiding, and also at seeking out hidden people or animals. She's also a fantastic interrogator, though her memory is somewhat selective (she might not remember that you've had the same dog for three years, but she will recall you admitting once, off-handedly, that you've always wanted to try sea-pig just to see if it really tastes like a fish farted on a dirty beach cracker).
Weaknesses: She struggles with her self-image. Bright lights obviously make it very hard for her to use her powers, and if someone is experiencing extreme emotional distress it tends to give her headaches (and, you know, make her own emotions shitty). Also, night is a bad time for her in general, lots of shadows, lots of emotional people, the feedback makes it hard for her to sleep, and lack of sleep naturally leads to poor performance in the daytime.
Good, evil, or neutral: Chaotic Neutral
Backstory: Sanne and her twin sister Seonne were born to two loving parents and were raised in a healthy, happy home, until the age of six. They were both pathons, the genes were inherited on from their father, who was a magnopath, and their maternal grandparents, one of who was a hydropath, and the other who was a photo/gyropath. Sanne started exhibiting her pathon powers shortly after Seonne, at the age of four. Their parents encouraged them to practice their powers, but to keep them secret from everyone else. two years later, both parents were abducted, the mother's body washed up on the bank of a river, and the father was never found. The twins were put into foster care, and bounced around with family for a while. At the most recent, and current, foster home, there was clear favouritism towards Seonne, the uncle fostering them nit-picked at Sanne constantly, about her grades, about her violin playing, and especially about the little bit of pudge she had on her belly and butt. It was never enough to count as abuse, and much of the time the uncle (and those around) would play it off as a joke, but Sanne took it to heart and later developed an eating disorder. It was Seonne who located the academy when they were twelve, and after a year of wheedling and bribing on both their parts, they were enrolled. There, Sanne gained a few good friends (can be other members of the NES :3), and was convinced to start therapy for her eating disorder. However, she and her sister grew further and further apart, as Seonne withdrew and Sanne worked to open up.
Other: Her close friends and sister call her 'Seek', because she's the masterful overlord of Hide and Seek. She has a very slight French accent, but that only comes out when she's upset.

Name: Seonne Giardini (see-oh-nay)
Age (12-18): 16
Gender/sexuality: Cishet female
Power: Tychopathic
Appearance: Angry Smol Child. Seonne has a flair for the dramatic, her style is very greyscale and very pronounced. Her hair is thick and straight, it's layered, and cut to just above her shoulders, she dyed it all a dark shade of silver and keeps it loose even though it gets in her eyes. She has smooth skin that's a tad on the pale side, and she burns easily. Her irises are a dark, inky shade of blue that is accented by the sleep-circles ringing her eyes, and they are framed by long, feathery lashes. She's short and slim, but not to the point of frailty, her hands are slender and dextrous, and thin scars pepper the backs and palms of them. On any given day, she'll have a scrape or two with a bandaid hastily slapped on, or a bruise darkening some part of her. She wears dark clothes only, and never skirts or dresses, her preferred attire is tight black jeans, a loose black or silver shirt, and a watch that remains on her wrist at all times, she also prefers to wear close-toed boots with a bit of heel to boost her height. She doesn't smile often, or at all really, but if she does she flashes slightly-pointier-than-normal eye teeth and a gap between her two front teeth. As mentioned before, she has a flair for the dramatic, and this comes out most obviously in her eye make-up, which is overtaken by dark colors and bold swoops (idk I fail at makeup).
Personality: Not friendly, will bite. She does not play well with others. Seonne is closed-off and angry at anyone who dares to come within three feet of her. She does talk a metric ton though, mostly to herself, she mutters at the speed of light, more often than not working herself up to a shout before seeming to realize that she is not, indeed, a mad scientist working alone in a basement, but rather she is out in public, and there are people staring. She's not afraid to tell people off and truth be told she has more than a bit of an authority issue-- she despises being told what to do. Despite the apparent attitude issues, she has a certain je nais se que that makes people view her more as a nice, albiet headstrong, girl. In reality, she's hyper-passionate and unwilling to change her mind on any matter. Over the years she has become obsessed with a particular search, and everything else has faded to the background-- including her sister.
Strengths: She's good at getting what she wants from basically anyone. She's also notably smart, and prone to excessive amounts of good luck.
Weaknesses: She won't listen to reason, and therefore often crashes headlong into pitfalls. She is under so much constant, self-given pressure all the time, that it wouldn't take a whole lot to snap her completely, and she frequently pushes herself past her mental and physical breaking points.
Good, evil, or neutral: Chaotic Evil
Backstory: Seonne and Sanne Giardini were the twin children of Korus and Nayli Giardini. Korus was a magnopath, and Seonne's maternal grandmother and grandfather were a hydropath and a photo/gyropath respectively. Seonne was the first to start showing signs of being a pathon, she and Sanne were both playing with their powers within a week of each other. Seonne's family was happy and whole, she loved her parents, and shared a deep bond with her sister even from a young age. When she was six, her parents were abducted, an event which was devastating to both of the twins. They were put into foster care and bounced around in different relatives houses, somewhere along the line, Seonne started searching for her father (her mother had been found dead, washed up on the bank of a river), this search quickly became an obsession. At their final, and current, foster home, Seonne's research picked up. She was a quick study in school, and managed to maintain her grades even while abandoning homework and studying in favour of her search. It was during this search that she stumbled upon the academy, and realized that it was the perfect place to expand her research and continue her quest for her father. She convinced Sanne that the academy was the best place for them, and together they pleaded their way into going. Once there, Seonne's obsession grew at an exponential rate, she withdrew from all else, she began to hate anything that dared get in her way, the search consumed her.
Other: She's secretly hyper-protective of her sister

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