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dragongirl 11-29-2010 09:02 PM

Long Black Train--Josh Turner

I'm getting sucked back into my obsession for bluegrass and country.:3

GabiDi 11-29-2010 09:16 PM

Sk8ter Boi~Avril Lavigne

AgencyMagic 11-30-2010 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by L.S.Trendom (Post 74780)
What do you mean by real music?

The Hanging Tree~Marty Robbins
Wild Montana Skies~John Denver(one of my favorite songs! :D)
Take Me Home Country Roads~John Denver
Sparrow~Simon & Garfunkel
Friends With You~John Denver
Big Iron~Marty Robbins(yet another song in which someone gets shot and dies in…)
I Want to Live~John Denver
El Condor Pasa (If I Could)~Simon & Garfunkel
Calypso~John Denver

Rock/Goth is considered real music (i think Evanescence, Linkin Park, 3 days grace etc) compared to poppy/rap love songs (Justin Beiber, Eminem, Katy Perry (although she's good) etc)

Jean 11-30-2010 08:02 PM

I think country music is real music, and anything by Taylor Swift.

HappyWithADashOfBlue 11-30-2010 08:09 PM

We R Who We R~Ke$ha

*I am ashamed right now -_-' Why must I constantly listen to pop music? Real music is more of my taste.*

Jean 11-30-2010 08:13 PM

I say as long as its music (and means something not just the same word repeated over and over again *coughjustinbiebercouch*) its real music, but thats just my opinion.

HappyWithADashOfBlue 11-30-2010 11:05 PM

*I meant like TODAY'S pop music. Like Ke$ha*
Ready to Love~Aerodrone

GabiDi 11-30-2010 11:07 PM

She Will Be Loved~Maroon 5

GabiDi 11-30-2010 11:16 PM


My Happy Ending~Avril Lavigne

RosiePie07 11-30-2010 11:44 PM

*Gods LST, do you live in Antartica or something? Everyone's heard Ke$ha and Justin Beiber (Willingly or not).*

Love Stoty (A tribute to Taylor Swift)~Vitamin String Quartet

*I have to do a video poem project for Creative Writing class and this is my background music!!! :)*

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