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toriluv91750 01-12-2015 07:13 PM

This Kind (A really complicated and hopefully fun NES)
Our world- all but a distant memory for those who live on New Terra. What once was thriving is now dead, and what was dead is now thriving on what we call earth.

Their world- A new earth, called New Terra. The same planet, the same geography, very different people. What used to be of earth, the buildings and cars, the everyday appliances, all gone. There are five distinct races:

The humans: Those who carry the lineage of their ancestors, the original earth race. They are the first on earth.

The Crast- Those from the outside, what we call aliens. Appear as humans with animal like features. They are the second on earth.

The Enhanced- Those who were enhanced to protect the humans from outside attacks. Each has a robotic feature. They are the third on earth.

The Created- Those who were created to protect the humans from outside attacks. Each has a power. They are the fourth on earth.

The Magi- Those who were said to have come from the beyond, what we call gods. They are from the outside, from a much more powerful planet than any other. Each carries a stone that gives them power, something we call magic. They are the fifth on earth.

The races live in peace on New Terra, with towns, colonies and cities made for either one race or for the many. However, a war brakes out between them all. The humans want to get rid of the created. The created want revenge on the enhanced. The crast are intimidated by the Magi, and begin to fight with them. The magi codemn the humans and the enhanced must defend the humans against the magi.

Not everybody chooses a side, and not everybody chooses their side.

__________________________________________________ ______________
A little more on each race:
Humans are humans. They know earth best and are actually pretty wise for the most part just because the past of New Terra is their past and their history.
The Crast are an alien race that had to come to Earth because their own home was destroyed in a war. They tend to be a little more impulsive, and each has a character trait from their animal. Their planet wasn't all that different from Earth.
The Enhanced were made when the Crast first came. This intimidated the Crast and they started a war. The enhanced are very loyal to the humans. Each new generation, somehow, is able to carry on the robotic trait of their parent.
The Created were made after the war between humans and crast started. They are more free spirited than the Enhanced and fought for the humans, but went off not long after the war ended with the old earth dieing and New Terra coming to form and the crast colonizing on earth.
The Magi didn't come until after New Terra was completely formed with the crast and human races living in peace. The Magi were in a similar situation as the crast, and those on earth allowed them to live there.

The setting is barely any electricity. If you've watched Revolution, think of that.

Since I know everyone's not gonna wanna be human, if you make more than one character, on has to be human. And if I still don't have enough humans, I'll start making characters human based on who submitted last.

Character Form:



(NOTE: When creating an age: The Crast are younger even though they look older. A twenty year old may look thirty or even forty. The Magi are opposite. Created and Enhanced are all human.)


(For Crast) What animal features do they have?:

(For Enhanced) What robotic features do they have?:

(For Created) What power do they have?:

(For Magi) What's their stone and where is it on their body?
(For Magi) What color is their magic?:


Personality(Your character's personality traits may depend on their race)

Sexuality (I'll allow any):


Were they raised in an interracial town/ city/ colony?:

Who's side are they on?

What's their roll in the war?:

Hope you join and enjoy!

SilverMoon 01-12-2015 07:31 PM

I'll make a magi (probs). When I have time.

rebecca 01-13-2015 01:56 PM

Race: I'll make a standard human so everyone else can make non-humans. I may create others later

Name: Kyeri

Age: 17

Appearance: tall, pale, dark hair and eyes. Has a glare that could probably be fatal.

Weapons: generally guns

Personality: Raised around Magi and Crast, father has been ambassador to both groups on a number of diplomatic missions.

Sexuality (I'll allow any): SUPER HELLA ACE AF.

Background: Father is a diplomat, mother is a general. They are divorced. Father remarried a penniless writer named Clive. Moved around a lot from army bases, to full Magi colonies, to areas inhabited only by Crast. The only humans she knows

Were they raised in an interracial town/ city/ colony?: raised in a number of places, only one of them fully integrated.

Whose side are they on?: Nobody's. Has her father's ambitions for peace, her stepdad's mistrust of the government, but is also violent and headstrong, like her mother can be. Tries not to take sides.

What's their role in the war?: Has no role, as yet, but is close to the negotiations and to the strategy the humans are using.

maxi 01-19-2015 10:34 PM

Anyone still doing this? Hah.

SilverMoon 01-19-2015 10:37 PM

Oops I accidentally forgot about this I still want to do this tho

toriluv91750 01-20-2015 12:03 AM

If people are still up for this we can totally do it. I'm making two characters just so that we have enough.

rebecca 01-20-2015 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by toriluv91750 (Post 564962)
If people are still up for this we can totally do it. I'm making two characters just so that we have enough.

(I might make a second character late, if it takes off)

SilverMoon 06-18-2015 06:11 PM

yo anyone still want to do this?

mysterygirl 06-19-2015 03:23 AM

I just saw this and I think it's an interesting idea. Are you still doing it? (It started January?! Sheesh! Can't believe this doesn't have 100 pages yet)

rebecca 06-20-2015 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by SilverMoon (Post 571829)
yo anyone still want to do this?

I do want to do this, I'm down for it when we're ready.
Like I am with most NESes when PEOPLE WANT TO GET STARTED

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