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Stephiey 01-27-2013 12:52 PM


*freaked out face*

I have possibly the biggest music competition of my life today. I'm super nervous... any tips please? Oh, and it's my birthday too! ^^ I hope that's a good omen.

Prayers and stuff would be ahmazing! :D

CACrools 01-27-2013 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by Stephiey (Post 414754)

*freaked out face*

I have possibly the biggest music competition of my life today. I'm super nervous... any tips please? Oh, and it's my birthday too! ^^ I hope that's a good omen.

Prayers and stuff would be ahmazing! :D

Just relax. Some tips for the actual competition: If you mess up, keep going and don't show it in your expression at all. Hope youdo well! :D

AlgebraAddict 01-27-2013 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by MaryElizabeth (Post 414605)
A lot of times I think that dreaming is both ignorant and incompetent, but it helps me a lot. Thinking that one day, maybe one day, I'll have a group of friends, not just one. That it won't be a rare occurence for someone to hug me, not because of pity. That it won't be astonishing for someone to compliment me.

Maybe it'll happen.

Dreaming is my only way out, as well. Use it, it helps.

BlueMi 01-27-2013 02:58 PM

My mom is crying right now and it scares me.

AlgebraAddict 01-27-2013 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by BlueMi (Post 414864)
My mom is crying right now and it scares me.

That happened to me a few weeks ago. I was really scared.

rebecca 01-27-2013 04:07 PM

To cheer everyone up, here is my list of hatreds as copied and pasted from my 'bio' (hate this error, but I must make it), which will certainly make good reading., they're hatreds, remember, so - Hatreds:

Morons, except when we are communicating in Welsh, when they are okay.

Americanisms, which goes without saying.

Stupid post-this-crap-to-your-bio-if-you-agree. Specifiy whether you mean biology, biography or some other thing, and I will still ignore you.

People, except those who are vaguely interesting and/or fictional.

Liars, aside from myself

People who are cleverer than me.

Whoever respresents the Republican party in America.

Boring people, such as teachers, politicians, the majority of arsonists.

Murderers. They really get me paranoid.

Vermin, both human and animal parasites.

People who get facts about tigers incorrect

Fans of Twilight


The majority of arsonists


Disney lovers


Psychopaths, excluding sociopaths, who technically are the same but I have a new definition

That person weilding a hammer, except when they want to kill me

Badly written films, except Pirates of the Carribean which is strangely likable

People who miss the point of the Hulk

People who use incorrect grammar on any given occasion

People who never finish their sent- ooh, shiny!

You, yes you, unless I specify otherwise


Carbon Monoxide

Incorrect facts

Incorrect FACTS


Too many capital letters

Rants from anyone who is an idiot


The United States of America - don't be offended people, it isn't personal. Well, actually it is, but that is besides the point.


People who believe in horoscopes, it's really gullible and childish of you, so stop it now


Types of stereo

Physics of any description - especially if it is a waste of money/brain space (ie, the fact Earth goes around Sun)

Pyschics of any description - I know you are good actors, but stop conning people and go into proper theatre


Different time zones - I get annoyed and want all my hours back to the right levels

Anything beginning with i, except igloo, the word ignoramus and invisibility cakes, here I mean all the iCrap Apple makes.


People who were sad enough to read all the way to the bottom (well, maybe I like you, but this had to go here, because of logic!)

Logic, tis too hard. Also it is expected of my what with my Asperger's

IQ tests. Intelligence cannot be measured like that.

Facists - like the man who invented IQ tests



People who misunderstand Communism and are dictators


Madagascar (the film franchise)

Shrek 834754398589358439

Arthur Conan Doyle, for being gullible about those paper fairies

Drug dealers

People who rant for too long, except myself.

Spring, the name irritates me.

Summer, I'm allergic to pollen

Autumn, it's dull

Winter, too rainy


The end of the world idiocy

People who don't like Nigahiga

People who are without imaginary friends

People who believe their imaginary friends are real

People who do what their imaginary friends tell them to

People who start their sentences in the exact same way every single time

Dinosaurs, for not being here when I wanted them

Society, for being so moronic, dull, discriminatory, rude, and complex.

AlgebraAddict 01-27-2013 04:20 PM

Drat it, Rebecca hates me. :D

rebecca 01-27-2013 04:33 PM

Which section or sections do you fit into?
More comic relief...
[20:11] == Anon022 [51616c61@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #wrongplanet
[20:11] == Anon022 has changed nick to PantheraTigris
[20:12] <PantheraTigris> Most awkward silences become more awkward when someone points it out.
[20:12] <PantheraTigris> Most cases of a person talking to themselves are awkward anyway. But often harmless.
[20:13] <PantheraTigris> Most cases of boredom lead to bad things.
[20:14] <PantheraTigris> Twinkle twinkle I'm alone...
[20:14] <PantheraTigris> I don't care, I stay at home
[20:14] <PantheraTigris> Now you're reading this in tun
[20:14] <PantheraTigris> *tune
[20:14] <PantheraTigris> If you are not on the moon
[20:14] <PantheraTigris> Which is where you all must be,
[20:15] <PantheraTigris> Come back here and speak to me.
[20:15] <PantheraTigris> I was proud of that one! You can at least respond!
[20:15] <PantheraTigris> can't?
[20:15] <PantheraTigris> Okay, another song.
[20:15] <gemini_> i like monologues+
[20:16] <PantheraTigris> You let me rant like that...
[20:16] <PantheraTigris> I was about to write another song...
[20:16] <PantheraTigris> Okay, so to the tune of....Mary had little lamb...
[20:17] <Herflik> hello ladies ;p
[20:17] <PantheraTigris>Shut up, I'm singing. I once had a lovely life, lovely life, lovely life. I once had a lovely life but it died alone.
[20:18] <PantheraTigris> Because I found the internet, internet, internet, because I found the internet I will not leave my home.
[20:18] <PantheraTigris> To the tune of Mary had a little lamb.
[20:18] <PantheraTigris> One more? Old MacDonald had a farm I think.
[20:20] <PantheraTigris> My parents once had a child, what a bunch of fools.
[20:20] <PantheraTigris> Did they know it would be me?
[20:21] <PantheraTigris> Crap I can't find a rhyme.
[20:21] <PantheraTigris> What rhymes with fools?
[20:21] <Baxtir> tools
[20:21] <PantheraTigris> Tools, rules, pools...schools?
[20:21] <PantheraTigris> Mules?
[20:23] <PantheraTigris> So it goes like this: My parents once had a child, what a bunch of fools. Did they know it would be me? Or were they being mules? With a boredom here, and a boredom there, here I'm bored, there I'm bored, ev'rywhere I'm bored, bored. My parents once had a child, and I can't end this song.
[20:24] <PantheraTigris> No more songs.
[20:24] <PantheraTigris> Singing time is over.
[20:24] <PantheraTigris> Ranting time is beginning. You don't want to see me rant. Speak to me.
[20:25] <PantheraTigris> Where are these people? I see your names but you refuse to communicate. Am I scaring you? Maybe the singing was a bit much.
[20:25] <PantheraTigris> Boredom drove me to it.
[20:25] <PantheraTigris> Crap, I must be so annoying.

Okay, more technical stuff happened, I deleted that, along with irrelevant things, so we just get me ranting.

EmmaR 01-27-2013 04:37 PM

Yeah, Rebecca hates me too, as well as many facets of my being.
Spring, a time for love, a time for two
A time when lovers start to coo
Spring can lick me
Spring, to spread the spirit I
Rip wings off butterflies
Then show small children
If you see me on Groundhog Day
Stay the hell out of my way
I'll be the one with a gun!
Spring, I hate the word
As I hate Hell, all Juliets, and class
Mother Nature is a turd
She can shove her flowers right up her ass
If I ran the show, I'd say it snow!

rebecca 01-27-2013 04:44 PM

I'm such a nice person, am I not? :cool:

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