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Sandy 02-23-2012 08:08 PM

Anger, despair, utter confusion
Oh my god... >_< I spent like the last five minutes crying... honestly, I never cry, but honestly, stomachaches and headaches get me every time...
Well, here's the dill: I can't eat anymore. I don't know how this came about, but I know that it's infuriating, exhausting to try and figure out, and depressing because I can't eat. ANYTHING. So I have to deal with hunger pangs all through the school day and then go home and PRAY, as I pick at my lunch (soon to be my supper... maybe even the only meal I get in one day) that I won't get sick.
I feel so bad right now... like my whole diaphragm is going to explode, like it's jam-packed with hot lint (I know, weird) or something... it hurts so much, and if I go to sleep like this, it will be about a thousand times worse in the morning. (I have an allergy to salmon *my favourite food, too... TT_TT* and this is basically what usually happens if I eat salmon, only salmon... so I don't know what's going on.)
It's so frustrating, and it's confusing because this has never happened before, me not being able to eat anything... Every day I screw something up, trying to figure out my stomach, and I go to bed wanting to throw up and I wake up wanting to throw up, and I have to try AGAIN.
But tomorrow, I swear, I'll get it.
A couple spoonfuls of cold cereal... only about half the bowl... bean sprouts and a carrot for lunch at school... and then half of a sandwich when I get home. Then no more.
Ughhh... -_________________- This sucks... this sucks so bad...

Sandy 02-23-2012 08:09 PM

(*a couple minutes later*)


(*needs to vent*)

Sandy 02-23-2012 08:10 PM

It's Still Sucking Really Bad~~!!!!!!!

>______< Arhahgghrjghsad!!!

LaurenM 02-24-2012 03:06 AM


Originally Posted by Sandy (Post 254864)
It's Still Sucking Really Bad~~!!!!!!!

>______< Arhahgghrjghsad!!!

Why on earth?!?

BlueMi 02-24-2012 07:11 AM

Sandy, that sounds HORRIBLE. D: I'm so sorry. I hope you figure this out...

AlgebraAddict 02-24-2012 09:31 AM


Originally Posted by Sandy (Post 253871)
Well, I'm bored because I've been on the computer since 4 in the morning and now it's six thirty in the morning... >_> I have no life. I want to go upstairs and get all my stuff ready for the day but I can't because everyone's still sleeping and the fuse is out. I also have this weird urge to do something but I don't know what, and I wish there was someone here to talk to or something because this is so boring. >_> Really lonely.

I was at camp and that happened to me... weird, weird urge to do something...

Try going outside in the freezing air and doing cartwheels. xD That's what helped me...

JennyC 03-06-2012 03:35 PM

Nothing... O_o
Ever have that feeling where you want to feel something but you just feel well... nothing? Yeah I know, kinda weird...
Also as I'm a teenager my emotions can be all over the place lately. (Hormones)

LaurenM 03-07-2012 03:06 AM

I know what you mean. Don't ask. It's hard to explain.

nngo 03-08-2012 10:03 PM

When I feel extremely sad, I feel like there's an acid eating away in my stomach. I can't get to it, or claw it out, so it usually results in me banging my head on the wall, slapping myself repeatedly, and other.. stuff.

AmberLee 03-08-2012 11:16 PM

this thread needs some happiness!

anyway. I'm SUPER stoked! I'm 16 yrs old, but I'm probably going to be doing college next year XD nursing school! and I'm starting drivers Ed really soon too, and likely getting braces :D

So...just wanted to say to everybody: I went through a really hard time in my life as well... it's a bit personal, but along with that I was going through some BAD self-esteem issues. I cried all the time, and I had a really hard time enjoying things. I didn't think I was pretty, or that anyone loved me. (middle child issues ;P) So, I just wanted to remind you that things WILL look up. I see myself now and I know I love myself. I don't know any of you personally but I DO know for a fact that you are all AMAZING. It's not a crime to love yourself, okay?


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