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L.S.Trendom 06-22-2011 11:28 PM

Around page eighty… I haven't read it at all today…

SilverRipple 06-22-2011 11:29 PM

Erm, what's going on around page eighty?

L.S.Trendom 06-22-2011 11:31 PM

Uh… Claudia breaking into the Warden's study, and Finn talking the Maestra, and making a deal with her.

SilverRipple 06-22-2011 11:32 PM

Ah, I see. I like Finn. :3

L.S.Trendom 06-22-2011 11:36 PM

I hope I don't get grounded and you get waaaaaaaay ahead of me… XD

SilverRipple 06-22-2011 11:37 PM

How'd you get grounded?

L.S.Trendom 06-22-2011 11:42 PM

From what? The library? By hardly ever coming out of my room…

SilverRipple 06-22-2011 11:44 PM

I meant what would you get grounded for?

SilverRipple 06-22-2011 11:45 PM

All out together
All out as one
All out for victory
Till we've won.
All out together
All out as one
All out for victory
All out till we've won

Kiwara 06-22-2011 11:47 PM

Stara should answer the un human NES and make a character for the KP story NES...

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