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pluzzle 01-09-2015 12:28 AM

Ok but i get jealous so easily like my friend sends me a snapchat of her in some weird yet exotic place? Cool i hate myself now thanks. why. i also get attached very easily sorry

EmmaR 01-09-2015 03:14 AM

i am so tired

EmmaR 01-09-2015 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by EmmaR (Post 564398)
i am so tired

like this isn't a statement about how i'm tired of life or anything. it's just a fact. i am so incredibly tired and it's 12:15 and i just finished a six minute speech on the importance of the arts at my school and i have to get up in six hours and i still have about an hour of chinese homework left

maxi 01-09-2015 04:09 AM

i may get a kitten


SeptemberLove 01-09-2015 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by meerkat (Post 564175)
i hope i don't have to see your face tomorrow because i hate the concept of you

feelin this too

lvhamsters 01-09-2015 05:47 PM

I'm wondering if I need to rethink this friendship i have.
I call her my best friend and she calls me hers but.... I don't know. She's constantly complaining and telling me about her life and I'm constantly asking how she's doing but she never reciprocates. I feel selfish for saying that but it's true. Whenever i try to tell her about something going on in my life or some emotional woe I have, she either cuts me off and starts talking about something else or ignores me. Today i got fed up because she's constantly complaining about being hurt and was complaining for about ten minutes straight so I said something like 'haha you think that hurts well for the past two weeks ive-' and she cuts me off and tells me to shut the f up. (I had shoulder surgery btw so was saying that her minor bruises got nothing on my drilled bones) I DONT KNOW. She has her goods and bads. This time im seriously pissed though. I walked away when she said it. Ugh. I just dunno. I need to rethink my friendships. Plus i'm trying to decide if i want to do schooling overseas next year and thats in september but im trying to decide if i value my friends enough to not leave them behind. Or if i should stay. I dont know. It'd only be three months but. Meh.

Puckbrina159 01-10-2015 10:04 AM

This is going to sound horrible, but my one friend was on vacation this whole week, and I had way more fun with my friends than I do when she's with us.

pluzzle 01-11-2015 04:37 AM

lol im sad but i m kk u know

pluzzle 01-11-2015 04:46 AM


Originally Posted by pluzzle (Post 564479)
lol im sad but i m kk u know

Okay @cool person who sent me the tumblr message this isnt abt u!., im not, surprisingly, vagueing abt u dw.

Ok like im so gonna do something stupid? Like what a shame my blades r in the bixes already fml onky five more days until we move then i have them back tg tho. Im sorry to everyone ive hurt or done something fucckign stupid to because that is all i do hahaahah. Lol

pluzzle 01-11-2015 04:57 AM

im such an emotional person i need to get over everything and i know how to do that

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