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katchyboo 09-18-2019 02:32 PM


i claim EVERY CHARACTER in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. I also claim EVERY Sanders Side (current and future)
Call me Kat

katchyboo 09-18-2019 02:57 PM

Bakura: Okay, so what are we doing here?
Marik: I think it's a talk show?
Yugi: Um, guys, it's starting...
Random talk show host: Please welcome... Yugi Mutou and his friends!
Yugi: Uh... Hi?
Random talk show host: So, Yugi, you are the reigning King Of Games?
Yugi: Oh, yeah, hah! I keep forgetting.
Random talk show host: And you've brought your friends to our show tonight?
Yugi: Oh, yes. This is Bakura,
Bakura: (waves at camera)
Yugi: Marik,
Marik: (smiles)
Yugi: Joey,
Joey: Yeah!
Yugi: Tristan,
Tristan: Hi!
Yugi: Tea, Serenity, Mai, Duke, Rebecca, Valon, and Leon. (he smiles at Leon, Leon blushes)
Random talk show host: You're pretty popular then.
Tea: Of course he is, he's the Dueling champion!
Random talk show host: And your friends are pretty high up in Dueling circles as well. Bakura and Marik were finalists in Duelist City, Mai and Joey were finalists in Duelist Kingdom, Leon actually Dueled against you in the final of the KC Grand Championships...
Yugi: Yeah, that's all true, but it's not why they're my friends. That's 'cause they're nice, friendly, funny...
Random talk show host: (changing the subject) And I hear there are some romances in the group? (everyone blushes)
Yugi: Uh, yeah, I guess. Um...
Random talk show host: Go on.
Yugi: You want me to tell you all of the romances?
Random talk show host: Yes.
Yugi: Whoo... Okay, here we go. Um... Me and Leon are currently together.
Audience: Oooh!
Yugi: (blushing harder) Um... (whispers something to the group. They all nod.) Okay, so Marik and Bakura are together (they smile and blush), Mai and Serenity, Tea and Rebecca, Duke and Tristan...
Random talk show host: And you're also friends with Seto Kaiba, correct?
Yugi: Uh, yes?
Random talk show host: And Leon's big brother, Zigfried von Schroeder?
Yugi: Yeah, why?
Random talk show host: We have information from a reliable source that they are currently together, is our source correct?
Leon: Yes, but what is your "reliable source"?
Random talk show host: Information we cannot disclose, sorry.
Leon: What is it? I'm not going to give up, you know.
Yugi: He can be pretty stubborn.
Leon: (jokingly nudges him) Hey!
Yugi: What? It's true!
Tea: (clears throat) Back to the matter at hand, lovebirds?
Yugi: Right, yeah. So what is your source? The Kaibas and the von Schroeders have quite a few enemies.
Leon: (under his breath) You can say that again.
Random talk show host: (exasperated) Fine. It's Mokuba, Seto Kaiba's little brother.
Mokuba: (runs onto set angrily) You promised you wouldn't tell!
Random talk show host: (trying to calm him down) Hey, hey, they made me do it!
Mokuba: (sighs) Okay, fine. (turns to Yugi, grinning) Yeah, I told them.
Bakura: But, like... Why?
Mokuba: For fun!
Mai: (loudly) Come on guys and gals, let's get out of here.
Everyone: (various noises of agreement)

The end!

Gracithe1andonly 04-05-2020 02:05 PM

bringing this thread THE HECK BACK

because I totally understand soriel and can get behind it, especially during timelines when Asgore's dead. but in my hc sans is a pretty young man, and segun Handplates doesn't have parents.

so my actual favorite dynamic between sans and toriel is him desperately resisting having any parents (because boy is INDEPENDENT BOY and don't need no help from anyone but papyrus) and her just waiting for him to slip up and accidentally call her mom. which he does.

toriel: okay, everyone. you've got your hat and spare sweater, frisk?
frisk: yes mom
toriel: asriel, you've got water?
asriel: yes mom
toriel: alright. sans, make sure these two don't get into too much trouble, will you not?
sans: yes mom--! i mean

or alternatively

toriel: *trips and falls or gets burned by cooking oil or something* Ouch!
sans: mom!
toriel: :)
sans: no

katchyboo 04-06-2020 03:33 AM


Gracithe1andonly 04-06-2020 03:40 PM

Lol! Do you wanna rp characters? I’m in an oc moooood

Chance: Holla! And well met.
Peter Paper: ‘Sup.
Sammie: *waves, grinning*
Vera: Wait, everybody. Where are we?
Chance: *squints* I know not. But I think I see reality! Brother?
David: I don’t know either, brother. I just want to know who’s over there?

katchyboo 04-07-2020 02:33 AM

Celine: (Cat ears twitch) Ummm... hi?
Jackie: Where... are we?
Celine: Um... who are you people?

Gracithe1andonly 04-07-2020 09:15 PM

Sammie: *startles* *sees you* *moves hands*

Peter: He’s asking why you have cat ears. Anyway, I’m Peter Paper. Sammie there is my brother. He’s mute, but he can hear you just fine.

Vera: What sort of new dream is this—! Oh, sorry. The name is Vera Sonyar. It’s nice to meet you.

David: I am David, and this is my brother Chance. We all know one another because we live in the same small town.

Chance: ‘tis not that alone. We are all members of the Council. My brother David is the—

David: We do not speak to strangers about this!

Chance: But these others know us not, and if our interaction is to bear any fruit we must be open with them! As I hope they will be with us.

Peter: *looking deeply suspicious* Chance, that seems wrong.

David: As always, he appears to have grasped the nature of something that I cannot. That being said—I do not know where we are, good people. Would you do me the favor of introducing yourselves?

Gracithe1andonly 04-28-2020 02:48 PM

can I just Detroit become human here??

Simon: you're going to let the former deviant hunter play paintball with you???

Markus: I know. He'll win. No need to acknowledge it out loud.

Connor: *cocks gun* Are you ready to become purple, fearless leader? :)

katchyboo 05-06-2020 12:43 PM

Roman: (looking at himself in mirror) Hmm...
Virgil: (doing dishes and whistling)
Roman: ...Virgil?
Virgil: Mm-hm?
Roman: ...does this sword make my butt look big?
Virgil: (sighs) Roman, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times. Swords cannot make your butt look big.

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