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Gracithe1andonly 10-04-2019 01:14 AM

KidPub Harry Potter NES
Because we can.

Set in the first few years after the Battle of Hogwarts, the castle is being repaired (it's less material repairs that are needed than magical damage that was sustained while a bunch of Dark Wizards were using the facilities and subsequently attacking them.) The soul of the school itself-the students-has been shaken to the core. The school has survived, but a few things are clear: Voldemort has fallen. The students who were here last year have seen war. The competition between the Houses, always a little heated, is either taken to an extreme or ignored entirely by individual students. Things have changed, and something is broken, but a few opportunistic (optimistic?) souls see a possibility of rebuilding for the better.

(this is subject to change if anyone has an idea they like better)


Personality/Driving Motives/Opinions on People and Communities:

katchyboo 10-04-2019 06:19 AM

Name: (I'm putting my name here cause' I trust y'all) Kathleen Synnott
Age/Year: 11 (first year)
Appearance: Brown, curly, poofy hair, cut very short (not, like, shaved). Fair skin, blue eyes. Kinda tall for my age
Background: Grew up a Muggle, but got accepted to Hogwarts
Personality/Driving Motives/Opinions on People and Communities: Snarky (sometimes), REALLY ratty the next morning when I don't get enough sleep, a little manipulative, I have been known to lose my temper. and I lie quite a bit. I don't really have any driving motives, I don't think. I grew up a Muggle, so I don't think they're inferior to wizards, but I do think some wizards are a little unfair on Muggle-borns. So I don't like those people and regularly shout at them.
Other: none, I don't think

Gracithe1andonly 10-07-2019 10:17 PM

Name: Snow Oakley

Age/Year: Seventeen/Seventh Year

Appearance: A shortie but not tiny, golden brown hair just below the shoulders, average face, brown eyes, likes the color gray.

House: Ravenclaw

Background: The second child of a wizarding family whose last full Muggle on the tree is four generations back, but nonetheless still in tune with the Muggle world. With one older sister, three little brothers, and a baby nephew, Snow's home life is bursting with joy now that Voldemort is vanquished, but has lost so many friends and seen so much as a result of the war last year that her attitude at school has taken a definite turn for the worse.

(Parents: Erin and Kleos. Sister: Aemilia. Brothers: Aureus, Sincero, Iustus. Nephew: Durans. Aemilia's fiancÚ: Ivan.)

Personality/Driving Motives/Opinions on People and Communities: Snow lives in her head; always has, likely always will. It's how she interacts with reality. She creates stories and uses them to try to make sense of the world around her. She hates conflict, will avoid it at all costs, and while she esteems herself a coward has stood up to the Carrows more than once last year. Wants her family safe. Her family, as an old, traditional wizarding family, isn't completely sure what to think about Aemilia and Ivan, but baby Durans is surely a blessing, and Ivan is obviously no deserter. School, the school environment, is full of bad memories for Snow now that she avoids by diving into studies and stories. She wants to protect and care for and be with her friends, but is afraid to expose herself to...well, herself, and the truth. Kind and standoffish until you're a level three friend, at which point she will hesitantly expose her stories to you. You don't even get to know about her family other than her brothers or any deep story details until you're a level seven friend. You know you're level nine thousand when she's showing you a manuscript and talking about the Battle of Hogwarts last year.

Other: Of the Main Characters, she only knew Luna at all and Cho personally. She was very close to Marietta Edgecombe, however. (headcanon: Marietta died at the Battle of Hogwarts)

SilverMoon 10-10-2019 07:13 PM

BRUHHHHHH the year is 1997 YEET (im joining and I’m dragging some others in)
Also suggestion, advertise this on the nsp

Werty 10-10-2019 10:14 PM

Name: Kayla Ashfall
Age/Year: 12, 3rd year.
Appearance: She's got long brown hair that reaches her belly button, in a sort of gradient from dark, getting slightly lighter. It was clearly originally straight, but it's naturally waved ever so slightly. She had bangs, but they're clearly growing out, as they reach her ears and she'd prefer to part them incorrectly to go with the natural parting of her hair. Her face is dotted with freckles, although you don't quite notice them at first; her large smile and hazel eyes catch your attention on first glance. Getting to see her more, her eyebrows are a lot lighter than her hair, and her eyelashes are dark and thick. She has a birthmark on her left eye. She's slightly tall for her age, 5'3".
House: Gryffindor
Background: Her mother is a pureblood with a family that dates back longer than you can remember. her father is a Muggle, but that of a strong magic bloodline: many, many muggleborns came out of his family. Her father tries his best to keep her up to date with the muggle world, she's obsessed with 80's rock and muggle music in general. She wears sweatshirts and normal muggle clothing whenever she can. her father does his best, you know, and it really pays off.
Personality/Driving Motives/Opinions on People and Communities:

I don't want to lose my information so far so i'm going to save it now and fill out the last two later. I'll quote it so you don't have to constantly check.

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