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Puckbrina159 08-02-2015 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by strawberry (Post 573382)
oh my god this is the sweetest thing ever
it's little things like these that make my day and restore my faith in happy things tbh <333

Aww I'm glad I made you happy!! Well now you made my day. :D:D:D

meerkat 08-02-2015 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by Lily09 (Post 573265)
hello i am hearing self hate involving racism and i just wanna say that it hurts my heart so fucking much, but this isnt about me right now. meera, you are fucking BEAUTIFUL. on the outside and on the inside. i dont give a FUCK what the white standards for beauty say, you are 100% gorgeous. and i hope you realize that soon, bc its not enough for me to tell you that. you have to know it too.

i grew up HATING my skin color. hated my eyes because they were too fuckin small. hated my flat nose. i so badly wanted to be lighter, more white passing. and all of that just made me feel so fuckin terrible about my race. im not telling you this to make this about me, im telling you this to let you know i can relate.

PLEASE please please learn to love yourself. learn to love being brown. celebrate it. when white people and even other poc w internalized racism try to push you down, dont let them.

but if you are unable to celebrate yourself at this moment, turn to your brown siblings who can celebrate with you and help you. and turn to the ones who are struggling just like you and let them know that theres a whole community of brown people ready to accept them.

this post isnt just for you meera. its for every brown person struggling to accept and love themselves.

im sorry if this post got ranty or long but i just. im just passionate about this. i dont know how else to put it, but i feel a lot of emotions about this topic.

thank you. i really needed this. (also when i was younger i'd try to bleach my own hair and skin, and i even cut off my eyebrows once because people teased me about them that much and idk it's just been hitting me so hard lately)

BookKitty 08-02-2015 09:04 PM

has anyone here tried weed....just a question

strawberry 08-02-2015 10:47 PM

all i ever do is mess up

meerkat 08-02-2015 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by strawberry (Post 573403)
all i ever do is mess up

get on email u nerd i'm scared now

meerkat 08-03-2015 12:10 AM

i am just so freaking full of anger right now

lvhamsters 08-03-2015 04:25 AM


Originally Posted by BookKitty (Post 573401)
has anyone here tried weed....just a question

Noope. Not personally, and I never plan to. It's honestly so difficult to find anyone in my town that doesn't do drugs or anything and it's just really sad. It's such a waste of life :(

meerkat 08-04-2015 01:05 AM

heh it's not like anyone really loves me right

maxi 08-04-2015 03:44 AM



Owen-L 08-04-2015 05:47 AM

fml .

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