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Redhead 11-01-2008 07:08 PM

Fave Twi characters...
so, who are your fave twilight characers? it could be one, it could be three, or you could just put in all capitols that you love every single one of 'em. i don't actually believe that anyone on here is going to do that, but just saying. ;)
anyways, here are mine, in order...

1. Jacob (shocker, i no ;))

2. Renesmee (yes, i am prob. going against the Jake lover's code, but she's so adorable....:D)

3. Leah (i grew more attached to her in BD...i didn't realize how awesome she was)

4. Seth (i might take him, now that Jake's gone...he's kinda funny and annoyingly loyal...)

5.Alice (she's just fantabulous)

6. Emmet (he's so him...)

7. Esme (she's to nice and pretty to be hated)

8. Carlise (cuz he reminds me of someone i love, and he's cool)

9. Jasper (not my fave, but he's still awesome with his calmness thing)

10. Mike Newton (cuz he's the butt of every joke, plus that time he pukes in NM)

11. Charlie (love his reactions)

12. Bella (i totally and irratioanlly hate her for picking Edward, but i love her weird superpower and you can't despise the narrator that much)

notice how Edward and Rosealie didn't make it onto this list.

-snowfire- 11-01-2008 08:03 PM

Well here are mine:

1) Alice - she is just so awesome! She see the future and has teh coolest hair lol.
2)Edward - wowwww he's perfect! He has flaws to - otherwise he wouldn't have left Bella (that's a flaw, right?) XD and he can read minds. That the best power. Almost - apart from Alice's. AND he plays the piano AWESOME
3)Bella - i think she's great! I dont know why people are paying her out just cause she's like HEAPS HEAPS in love with edward. (prob jelous ;)) And her power is so useful! Especially against Jane grr.
4)Jacob - he's totally awesome! Wolves are cool!
5)Renessme -aww she's so cute - half human half vampire! And has that awesome power!
6) Aro - just cause of his power lol.
7) Carlisle and Esme- because he has the most control - is the nicest, kindest and has the most common sense. lol. and esme is nice XD
8) Jasper - because of his calmness thing. THat can come in handy
9) Charlie and Renee - they are the best parents ever! Charlie who lets you be alone and i agree with red, his reactions. And renee because she knows her daughter so well and they hae the best relationship.
10) Leah and Seth- because she's the first girl wolf though i guess she can be annoying sometimes and seth because hes loyal and kind
11) angela - she's EXTREMELY nice much much better than Jessica - just the sort of friend you want.
12) and all the rest. lol. i love all the characters EXCEPT jane and laurent and all those evil people. XD lol.

Katie 11-01-2008 11:07 PM

1. Emmet! I can't help myself is funny, but not trying to steal Edward's true love like Jacob.
2. Edward! How can you not love him?
3. Kate! You know that vampire from the denali clan? Love her! If I was a vampire, I'd pretty sure i'd be just like her. (Despite the fact we have the same name, lol)
4. Alice! I dunno why.
5. Jasper! Whats not to like?
6. Jacob- I hate to admit it, but he is awesome.
7. Charlie- haha he's just the perfect dad. I laughed for a good 5 minutes in Breaking Dawn when Bella told him she was getting married. haha.
8. Billy Black- cool name, cool guy.
9. Carlisle- he's just great.
10. Esme- no special qaulites, she's just so thoughtful and innocent.

Carissa 11-26-2008 05:50 PM

1) Alice- She's so cool! I've always liked to see the future!
2) Bella- Well, I don't know why she's my second fave... I guess it's because I can relate to her klutziness, even though I've never broken a bone or went to the hospital (for myself, at least).
3) Edward- He's played by Cedric Diggory! Also, what's to hate? He's so perfect!
4) Carlisle and Esme- They're both so loving and kind.

haileybear 12-19-2008 09:18 PM

Fav Twilight Characters
I love twilight!
My fav characters are:

1.Edward!(He's spectacular!)
2.Carlisle!(My dad is a doctor!)(I just like him anyway)
3.Bella(She is like amazing by not being scared of everything scary and irrational!)
4.Alice(She wacky and that just makes her even more awesome!)
5.Emmet(He's so funny!)
Everyone in twilight I like overall just as well so,they're the same!
Go Team Edward!


Carissa 12-19-2008 11:09 PM

I'm nearly finished the series, so I need to upsdate my faves!

1) Alice- She's so cool! I've always liked to see the future! Too bad it's limited...
But, I'd love to have an Alice to plan all my special occasions.
2) Renesmee-She's just so cool. I mean, she's totally amazing. Half-human, half-vamp, all-cool... And she's so smart! I'd love to babysit her!
3) Bella-I guess it's because I can relate to her klutziness, even though I've never broken a bone or went to the hospital (for myself, at least). Also, she's an awesome vamp!
4) Edward- He's played by Cedric Diggory! Also, what's to hate? He's so perfect!
5) Carlisle and Esme- They're both so loving and kind.

Neb503 12-20-2008 12:25 PM

am I the only jacob fan? I think I'm really similar to him... but there are some things he has done/ charicteristics that I don't have/ wouldn't do. (E.g. tricking bella into kissing him). Aside from that... I think we are really similar. We smile/ laugh alot. we are there to be friends with everyone. we like hugs. um... yeah. :)

iluvsports11 12-20-2008 12:37 PM

I'm for jacob! edward is scarily perfect....

Chelsea 12-21-2008 03:10 PM

I love Edward so Edward is my favourite character because he's so beautiful. Man do I wish he were real. *sigh* Do I ever wish...


peacelovefaith 03-06-2009 06:37 PM

my Favorites
1. Alice- I love her friendly excitedness... even if that's not a word
2. Edward- I enjoy his natural charm
3. Renesmee- She is the best of Edward and Bella
4. Vampire Bella- (Sorry if I just ruined it for some who haven't read BD) I found her annoying when she was human but now she is cool
5. Jacob- He is just funny
6. Emmett- I like his jokes

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