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GabiDi 05-03-2011 01:05 AM

Yeah, but I'm serious here. I posted something completely different. :eek:

SilverRipple 05-03-2011 01:06 AM

How strange...

GabiDi 05-03-2011 01:18 AM

I know... 0_o

Kiwara 05-03-2011 01:32 AM

It's a conspiracy man.

GabiDi 05-03-2011 01:36 AM


Originally Posted by Kiwara (Post 105541)
It's a conspiracy man.

Totttaaallllyy, duuuddee... :p

Kiwara 05-03-2011 01:40 AM


I can't think of '70s things right now.

Keegan 05-03-2011 11:10 AM

I wonder why it posted a different picture

EmmaR 05-03-2011 11:35 AM

Suckers! I Win!

dragongirl 05-03-2011 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by Keegan (Post 105558)
I wonder why it posted a different picture

It's those dang aliens, maaaan. First they attack the super smart kids' pictures, then they're stealing your socks and putting 'em in the freezer, and randomly put whoopie cushions under every chair you sit on, then they come to your house dressed as chickens and harvest your brains!

It's all on the National Enquirer, duuude.XD

SilverRipple 05-03-2011 06:54 PM

Hahahaha!!!! I love that, Kiwara!! :)

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