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Jean 07-09-2011 11:10 AM

Bambi: That's fine! I'm sure he'll look great no matter what!

BlueMi 07-09-2011 03:21 PM

Bambi, can you draw this for me?
Gender: female
Skin: fair, tanned, light freckles across nose
Eyes: brown with green in them
Hair: chest length, light brown with blond streaks, wavy
Height: shortish
Top: blue tanktop ripped at waist
Bottoms: jeans shorts
Other: (if you can) fat gray cat sitting at feet, in running position...


Lily09 07-09-2011 03:24 PM


And, also, my scanner got fixed! YES! Kiwara, expect yours in like 15 minutes!

Lily09 07-09-2011 03:33 PM

There you go Kiwara!

AmberLee 07-09-2011 05:46 PM

I'm currently closed, so,
BlueMi: I'll start that one after I finish my current requests :D


AmberLee 07-10-2011 07:21 PM

okay, I just want to say that I don't have any copy paper available right now, just my fancy paper (I only use it for certain things :D ) so requests are going to be slowed a bit because well, I can't start any :)
so, sorry for the delay, hopefully my parents will buy some more soon :)

and also, just in case anybody missed it, I'm currently
so I can't take anymore requests yet, sorry!


AgencyMagic 07-10-2011 10:51 PM

OK Bambi, can you do Garnet again, but simplified. you can do it when you are open and you have paper :)

Name: Edrea Garnet (later on, just garnet)

Gender: F

Appearance: Red hair, Amber eyes, slightly tanned skin.

height and weight: 5"5, 115lbs

Wears: Could i have a TYPE of personality outfit, just based along these lines?

A light red dress, with the skirt one of those cut off, like with one side knee then it slashes diaganal to the mid calf. from about the middle of her stomack is a little bit of flame type matreial and it goes into a creamy, light blue V neck top.

Hair: down and streight or a very high bun. up to you.

Personality: nice, and usually scared but has to hide it. Fighter, rebel and sometimes a little stubborn. but is very sacrifical (aren't all my charactars)

Postistion: standing. MAYBE could she have blue flames (if not, fine) around her
Colors: red and orange with a bit of blue.

And feel free to take out any complications. i'm sure it will be amazing.

THANKS! do it in your own time. :D

SilverRipple 07-11-2011 12:06 AM

Uploaded some've already seen them all, but they're in better quality.

lvhamsters 07-11-2011 12:24 AM

Sorry! I'm really late at posting but if its okay, I'd still like my character :) Sorry I'm late!

AmberLee 07-11-2011 10:55 AM

AgencyMagic: okeedokee :) Yeah, I might change just a little bit of stuff, but sounds good! XD

IvHamsters: nope, you're perfectly fine. I'm actually pretty close to finishing it, so I'll post it soon XD

current requests:
~character for IvHamsters
~wolf for Leloo
~Scarlet for CamiKat

and Jean: could you re-describe jaxon for me? I totally forgot what he looks like :D


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