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melanberry 06-09-2016 11:57 PM

I ban Norah for having a name.

Steampunk 06-10-2016 12:22 AM

I ban Melanberry for being alive

meerkat 06-10-2016 11:53 AM

I ban Norah for having the same name as one of my choir friends

Gracithe1andonly 06-10-2016 01:42 PM

I ban Meera for being the best composer ever

HazelHope 06-10-2016 01:59 PM

I ban Snow because it's the middle of summer here and I don't want anything related to cold weather right now.

Swallowtail 06-10-2016 03:54 PM

I ban Hazel because its in the sixties here and it was in the forties last night :D
(after we had 80 degree weather in March)

meerkat 06-10-2016 04:56 PM

i ban swallow for actually being vivaldimort

melanberry 06-10-2016 05:18 PM

I ban Meera for being musical.

meerkat 06-10-2016 05:31 PM

i ban melanberry bc im bad at music

BookKitty 06-10-2016 06:05 PM

i ban meera for thinking she's bad at music because she's a beautiful flautist angel

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