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Emmalyce 02-19-2012 01:49 AM

No idea. I'm kind of afraid it might be more of a fossilized chick o_0

GabiDi 02-19-2012 01:50 AM

D: That would be awful! I hope not...

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 01:50 AM

Such as an ipod and dock, a capo and felt picks for my uke, and The Black Parade and Danger Days :P March 20th.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 01:50 AM

If it helps… I don't really see what you don't like about yourself. Depression, not getting along with your family… That's all the bad I can think of.

How big are the eggs?

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 01:51 AM

It would be E_E Mom wants to make a decoration out of them, for on the porch... 0_O

GabiDi 02-19-2012 01:52 AM


Originally Posted by Emmalyce (Post 251857)
Such as an ipod and dock, a capo and felt picks for my uke, and The Black Parade and Danger Days :P March 20th.

13 days after my brother's. :3

I'm asking for an iPod...and I don't know what else. o.o

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 01:53 AM

I think… that might look cool. :3

GabiDi 02-19-2012 01:56 AM

You know what I want to do? Buy a cheap bowling ball. Cover the holes with tin. Shatter pretty tiles and make my own mosaics all over it. Put ball on stand in garden. :3

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 01:57 AM

Over-sensitivity, anger at the world, laziness, constant bad mood, never doing anything right,, there's a lot of bad. A lot...

Big enough it's hard to hold them with one hand.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 01:57 AM

That'd be cool too. ^_^

I think I'm going to bed soon…

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 01:59 AM

That would be epik, Panda.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 01:59 AM

I really should go to bed.

But not yet.

GabiDi 02-19-2012 02:01 AM

Danke. :3

Seriously guys. Comments = love.

No, Emma. Not yet!!

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:01 AM

I think most people are like that at some points, a bit… You did NaNoWriMo right. You've made me smile. Maybe there is a lot of bad, but I see more good than that.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:02 AM

Nope. Not yet. Like 20 more posts. Must pass Keegan before bed ^__^

Yes, but I'm the last one awake, and I must hurry and finish posting. But if you give me the link tomorrow, I'll read it then. :P

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:04 AM

I'll read it tomorrow, too.

Thirteen more posts. Twelve.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:04 AM

I'm glad I've made you smile.

That's worth doing right.. making friends smile..

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:04 AM

Guess I'm going to spam for a bit.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:05 AM

That's all very well,
But what're we guuna do bout 'im?
*gestures to hand hanging out of chest*

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:05 AM


I think… 10?

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:06 AM

Throw 'im in the incinerator. You need one.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:06 AM

I saw an angel
Of that I'm sure

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:07 AM

My earbuds weird me out.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:07 AM

Nah. Grind 'im up and feed him to his neighbors.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:07 AM

I like my earbuds. They be blue.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:07 AM

I think… seven posts?

Well… incinerate his neighbors?

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:08 AM

City on fire
City on fire
Mischief! Mischief!

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:08 AM

I half like mine… but it looks like the soft plastic is coming apart and bubbling.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:09 AM

No, no. Wait for them to come in for a shave. Slit their throats. Drop them down the shoot. Grind them up, too. Feed them to pie shop customers. Nobody will know.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:09 AM

Five more posts, Keegan. You goin downs.

This ain't a party
Get off the dance floor

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:10 AM

Can we put the pies in the incinerator to cook them, at least? And the blade, if you want the wood cauterized to prevent blood stains.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:11 AM

Three. I think.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:11 AM

Two posts… Any last words, Keegan?

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:12 AM

One more post, then we're tied.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:12 AM

It isn't that much fun,
Staring down a loaded gun.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:12 AM

I have the same number of posts on this thread as Keegan does.

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:13 AM

Beating Keegan whoooo.

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:13 AM

Sure, I think they use an incinerator for the bones :p

Emmalyce 02-19-2012 02:14 AM

I am almost there. I shall meet you at the end :P

L.S.Trendom 02-19-2012 02:14 AM

What about selling bone needles? :3

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