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maxi 12-29-2014 05:23 PM

I Remember (NES)
We have been locked in our own dreams for our entire life.

When we are born, we are... pressed into our own minds, the things that we want to happen that don't. We want freedom, we want love, we want respectówe get nothing but the rotten place outside our minds.

All people, when born, are pressed with tubes that go through their head so that they can enter their own mind, their thoughts, their pretty and ridiculously beautiful thoughts. But what is outside is different. What's outside is what has changed.

One day, [our characters] find a way to break free from their thoughts: they find a door, and they walk through it, curiously, to see what is behind the door. Which is their world. Broken. Their outside world, destroyed by every single enemy that they had. They lost their ability to remember everything, and now, slowly they remember it.

They must fight through the inhuman creatures they find, find each other, find shelter, and find who did this to them. Who made them...

Not remember.

But I will remember.


Character sheet:

Age: (14 to 18, please)
Weapon of choice:

Name: Kara Winshee
Age: (14 to 18, please) 17
Personality: Angry most of the time, because of the diabolic things that happen to her, charming, sweet, kind, nice, honest and forgiving towards the people she knows (and/or loves).
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Curly blonde hair that is never straightened and sometimes messy, blue eyes, average height, slightly crooked nose.
Weapon of choice: Twin daggers

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