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pluzzle 01-17-2015 02:43 PM

venikA: Cant you change subjects up until year 11 (junior ?) there? Here, you do everything in year seven to get a feel for them, year eight you pick some but can always change them, year nine you can change butnyou have to stay with the same language if you are doing one then year 10 you pick out of the new choices and year eleven theres some new ones but you can also stay the same. year twelve, continue year eleven subjects

sorry if i interpreted that bit wrong!

Ember 01-17-2015 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by venika (Post 564770)
okay i am literally so pissed off at the education system and society
i mean it's freaking ridiculous, first of all, that in some curricula you literally choose the subjects you take exams for by like freshman year? and that you need to choose subjects in highschool because hell i get that you'd want to quit the subjects you hate asap but when you're in high school there are so many things that can influence your decision and why are we making life choices at fourteen or fifteen anyway?

it's so hard watching everyone you know just spend all their time studying for some stupid tests because those tests will literally decide the rest of their future. it's even harder watching friends choose careers ((at fourteen may i add)) because they're 'stable' or 'well-paying'. and the worst bit is when people's parents pressure them into things because it's ridiculous and honestly why are we so dependent on money i mean you don't need to be a millionaire to be happy and i hate that society has told us that money is everything. i hate that society has conditioned me to look down on non-academic jobs i hate that i need to stop and tell myself off because honestly i just hate this horrible education system that eats away at you and pressures you into choosing a career you hate and makes you choose between your social life, your grades, your mental and emotional health, your physical health, your actual hobbies, entertainment and free time, family time and sleep. i hate that the education system is ruining our lives by forcing us to be committed to something we hate.

and yes who wouldn't hate it? there's a difference between hating education and hating learning because the education system's main goal has always been to mould young people into money-making machines. in high school it's like, "okay, do your work so you can get into a good college." in college it's, "do your work so you can get a good job." and so many times these jobs aren't even things you enjoy. and the education system just sucks the beauty out of learning anyway. i mean the whole joy of it is just waking up and wanting to /know/ something and just learning about something in your own time in your own way whether that's by reading or watching movies or experience or art or whatever i mean the education system is killing off everything that's amazing about learning and it freaking sucks.

also don't get me started on the 'academics' of the education system because. when these schools are pressuring kids to do everything they can to be in clubs and committees and join stuff and compete with each other for top grades, they're sucking the life out of them in most cases. here i don't mean joining an activity you like because if your school offers something that caters to your passion then you are freaking lucky. here, i mean the schools singling out the 'smart' kids and turning them on each other, making everyone who gets good grades compete for a freaking number. our school has a really strong 'academic circle' where everyone in it is literally at each other's throats over a few grades. i mean people join clubs and activities just because their competitor is doing it and that's just horrible. i had the misfortune of actually being in that academic circle but i'm trying to get away from it because it literally fucking drains all the passion for learning out of you and it's so draining and makes you feel like shit no matter what grades you get. and of course at the same time it's lowering the self-esteem of everyone else who doesn't test well because "i'll never be as good as them. i'm not smart enough. why can't i be like them?" and for that matter it's not just academics it's the arts and sports and everythign else that school pretty much murders while "training us for the real world. bc the real world isn't FAIR." haha thanks so much for ruining all these kids' childhoods now you wonder why teens rebel lmao

so yeah that is my long rant lol

Omg you captured it perfectly my thoughts exactly thank you for saying this

meerkat 01-17-2015 09:25 PM

i should be annotating now
i have no motivation to do anything except annotations at the moment
why am i here

Ember 01-17-2015 09:54 PM

i don't want to be an architect
a doctor
a lawyer
i don't want to be in business
or politics
or whatever other crap
i want to write
that is all i want to do okay i'm sorry
i'm sorry for disappointing you because you think i can do better
but you don't understand that that is all i can do and still be happy
and I might starve and live in a dumpy apartment but
i don't want anything else i am sorry
there is no other option for me. that's what i need to do, not want, need, and i'm not going to be the next emily dickinson or shakespeare but that's what's going to make me happy and that's all that's going to make me happy
i might not even be good at it but i don't care anymore
i'd rather starve than be stuck in a passion-less job that kills me inside.

SilverMoon 01-17-2015 09:59 PM

there's so much I want to say but nothing I can.

SeptemberLove 01-18-2015 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by venika (Post 564770)
okay I Am Literally So Pissed Off At The Education System And Society
I Mean It's Freaking Ridiculous, First Of All, That In Some Curricula You Literally Choose The Subjects You Take Exams For By Like Freshman Year? And That You Need To Choose Subjects In Highschool Because Hell I Get That You'd Want To Quit The Subjects You Hate Asap But When You're In High School There Are So Many Things That Can Influence Your Decision And Why Are We Making Life Choices At Fourteen Or Fifteen Anyway?

It's So Hard Watching Everyone You Know Just Spend All Their Time Studying For Some Stupid Tests Because Those Tests Will Literally Decide The Rest Of Their Future. It's Even Harder Watching Friends Choose Careers ((at Fourteen May I Add)) Because They're 'stable' Or 'well-paying'. And The Worst Bit Is When People's Parents Pressure Them Into Things Because It's Ridiculous And Honestly Why Are We So Dependent On Money I Mean You Don't Need To Be A Millionaire To Be Happy And I Hate That Society Has Told Us That Money Is Everything. I Hate That Society Has Conditioned Me To Look Down On Non-academic Jobs I Hate That I Need To Stop And Tell Myself Off Because Honestly I Just Hate This Horrible Education System That Eats Away At You And Pressures You Into Choosing A Career You Hate And Makes You Choose Between Your Social Life, Your Grades, Your Mental And Emotional Health, Your Physical Health, Your Actual Hobbies, Entertainment And Free Time, Family Time And Sleep. I Hate That The Education System Is Ruining Our Lives By Forcing Us To Be Committed To Something We Hate.

And Yes Who Wouldn't Hate It? There's A Difference Between Hating Education And Hating Learning Because The Education System's Main Goal Has Always Been To Mould Young People Into Money-making Machines. In High School It's Like, "okay, Do Your Work So You Can Get Into A Good College." In College It's, "do Your Work So You Can Get A Good Job." And So Many Times These Jobs Aren't Even Things You Enjoy. And The Education System Just Sucks The Beauty Out Of Learning Anyway. I Mean The Whole Joy Of It Is Just Waking Up And Wanting To /know/ Something And Just Learning About Something In Your Own Time In Your Own Way Whether That's By Reading Or Watching Movies Or Experience Or Art Or Whatever I Mean The Education System Is Killing Off Everything That's Amazing About Learning And It Freaking Sucks.

Also Don't Get Me Started On The 'academics' Of The Education System Because. When These Schools Are Pressuring Kids To Do Everything They Can To Be In Clubs And Committees And Join Stuff And Compete With Each Other For Top Grades, They're Sucking The Life Out Of Them In Most Cases. Here I Don't Mean Joining An Activity You Like Because If Your School Offers Something That Caters To Your Passion Then You Are Freaking Lucky. Here, I Mean The Schools Singling Out The 'smart' Kids And Turning Them On Each Other, Making Everyone Who Gets Good Grades Compete For A Freaking Number. Our School Has A Really Strong 'academic Circle' Where Everyone In It Is Literally At Each Other's Throats Over A Few Grades. I Mean People Join Clubs And Activities Just Because Their Competitor Is Doing It And That's Just Horrible. I Had The Misfortune Of Actually Being In That Academic Circle But I'm Trying To Get Away From It Because It Literally Fucking Drains All The Passion For Learning Out Of You And It's So Draining And Makes You Feel Like Shit No Matter What Grades You Get. And Of Course At The Same Time It's Lowering The Self-esteem Of Everyone Else Who Doesn't Test Well Because "i'll Never Be As Good As Them. I'm Not Smart Enough. Why Can't I Be Like Them?" And For That Matter It's Not Just Academics It's The Arts And Sports And Everythign Else That School Pretty Much Murders While "training Us For The Real World. Bc The Real World Isn't Fair." Haha Thanks So Much For Ruining All These Kids' Childhoods Now You Wonder Why Teens Rebel Lmao

So Yeah That Is My Long Rant Lol

Rt Rt Rt !

maxi 01-18-2015 02:25 AM

I came out to my mum. c:

SeptemberLove 01-18-2015 02:26 AM


Originally Posted by maxi (Post 564809)
I came out to my mum. c:

How'd it go??

maxi 01-18-2015 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by SeptemberLove (Post 564811)
How'd it go??

She already knew, but she said that she'll always love me no matter what, and she asked how I knew and I told her that I had a crush on a guy last year. :)

venika 01-18-2015 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by pluzzle (Post 564777)
venikA: Cant you change subjects up until year 11 (junior ?) there? Here, you do everything in year seven to get a feel for them, year eight you pick some but can always change them, year nine you can change butnyou have to stay with the same language if you are doing one then year 10 you pick out of the new choices and year eleven theres some new ones but you can also stay the same. year twelve, continue year eleven subjects

sorry if i interpreted that bit wrong!

your curriculum sounds p cool in relation to like choosing subjects and stuff... i mean for us we have to take all subjects until grade 8, and then in grade nine/freshman year we can choose between history/geography and art/music/drama/etc, and after grade 10 we choose six subjects out of specific groups like a first language, a second language, a science, a math course, a humanities course and an elective, something like that. yeah. idk about whether we can change tho?

but like, our school is actually rly good when it comes to when we can choose subjects by, at least compared to other schools. there are a lot of schools where i live (my friend's in one) where you have to like make major decisions by ninth grade... (ofc i think they can make minor changes but they have like major exams in 10th and 12th grade so idk how that would work out if you change subjects in junior year/eleventh grade.... and i have cousins in schools where you literally have to choose what career you want after you finish tenth grade. so yeah...

but yeah the above was what i was basing it on xD


Originally Posted by Ember (Post 564785)
Omg you captured it perfectly my thoughts exactly thank you for saying this


Originally Posted by SeptemberLove (Post 564807)
Rt Rt Rt !

ty :P

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