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Werty 12-26-2018 12:41 PM

Mauraders Headcanons
Hello, Ena, I see you have clicked on this thread.

You know what do do.

Just put them here.

Have fun spamming this thread with wolfstar, Ena.

Steampunk 12-26-2018 01:38 PM

Bold of you to assume they’re the only one here who ships them.

(Ena you do use they/them pronouns, right? Sorry if I got that wrong)

Werty 12-26-2018 04:31 PM

Not assuming Ena is the only one, just saying I know Ena will show up on this thread without doubt.

Sirius commentated quidditch at Hogwarts
You cannot deny it.


Werty 12-30-2018 02:26 PM

So I can see Sirius getting off the train to go back home

First year

And James looks over and sees his cool, confident, awesome best friend being dragged by his tie

And Remus looks over and sees not only Sirius, but another boy, Regulus, scared at this very clearly demonstrated consequence.

And Peter tries not to look.

And James begs his mom to go over and help. And so they walk up. But they've already gone through the barrier.

And Remus watches James walk back over to his dad wit a furious expression, and feels furious himself.

And Peter thinks all day about how he wasn't as good as James, he didn't have the confidence to go over.

And Sirius feels alone, knowing the pain he has to look forward to over the summer.

And Regulus feels more scared than ever, at what could happen to him if he end up in Gryffindor like his brother.

And the Mauraders are far away from each other.

And nothing is how it should be.

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