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Werty 12-25-2018 08:24 PM

Girl Problems!
I create this thread because just minutes before, I got my period and most of y'all are girls, and older than me.

So freakin' help ya fren plz

Yeah lol I'm not ready frick

But I mean we discuss some freaking personal issues here so his thread was bound to exist. And it probably does, somewhere else.

Merry Christmas y'all

Gracithe1andonly 12-25-2018 10:31 PM

Merry Christmas! Guess who else is on her period! Is this your first? I've totally lost track of how old you are, oops. I'm guessing 12?

SilverMoon 12-25-2018 11:43 PM

I’m not a girl but I’m biologically female so I’m gonna sliiiiide in here to say its also my period and it is awful

Werty 12-26-2018 07:52 AM


alemye10 12-26-2018 10:08 AM

I canít relate.

FrostBittenKitten 12-26-2018 12:03 PM

I know what you guys mean! I had the worst cramps the other day ugh

Werty 12-26-2018 01:11 PM

I got my period o christmas day
I had terrible cramps on CHRISTAMS EVE


Steampunk 12-27-2018 02:21 AM

Oh geez that sucks man Iím sorry. Okay so like sort of tips I guess?? Idk?? Heating pads and hot water bottles are your best friends. In my experience, hot water bottles are more effective but heating pads are quicker and can be used for longer. Find which one works best for you.
In the future, donít be worried if your periods are irregular, itís pretty common for teenagers. Even still, try to keep track of them, I go through periods of consistency and then a few wonky ones, so it still helps me out sometimes. Personally to keep track of them, I use the app Flo to log the dates and related things and it even predicts when my next period will be but you can figure out how you want to keep track of them.
At some point youíre going to start your period while at school. Because of this and because of the possible unpredictable schedule of your periods, always always always keep at least three pads at the bottom of your bag. Also, if youíre able to stash your pain pill of choice in there, at least in the days leading up to it. Itís hell to sit through class with crippling cramps ripping through you. Make sure to hide them really well though and be careful where you take them because youíre technically not supposed to have that stuff at school. If youíre not comfortable with that or your parents arenít letting you take ibuprofen or Tylenol yet at least keep some dark chocolate in your bag. It might not help you since it doesnít work for everyone, but it can sometimes help with cramps.
Female teachers are your saviors . Some of them wonít be generous but a lot of them will definitely understand if you whisper to them that your period just started so you need extra trips to the bathroom, or canít speak in class at the moment, etc.
Cramps- donít just lay in bed and suffer. I know itís tempting. But itíll only make it worse. Sometimes gentle exercising can help alleviate it, so try pacing. Or cuddle up on the couch with your tools of choice and play puzzles on your phone or something. Keep your mind engaged so it canít focus completely on the pain.
Somebodyís likely already told you this but the blood isnít always consistent and red! If the bleeding lasts more than a week, donít worry so long as it doesnít stretch more than a few days. If itís brown donít freak out. If you stop bleeding and then suddenly start bleeding again donít worry. Everyoneís period is different, youíll start to notice patterns in your cycle.
If you notice youíre getting super emotional all of a sudden, thatís a good sign your period is on its way. Donít worry honey, you havenít turned into emotion Godzilla, and the world isnít ending. It can be difficult to realize that itís just your hormones and not your life crashing down, but itíll pass.
Pleaseee remember to stick to the times recommended on the pad/tampon packages. Itís not only gross to leave it on for longer (even if you havenít bled on it much) but it can also be really bad for your vaginal health. Also, speaking of pads and tampons, donít stress over ďneedingĒ to switch to tampons at any point. It isnít more grown up or mature or whatever to use tampons. If youíre more comfortable with pads, use pads. If youíre more comfortable with tampons, use tampons. Donít worry about it.
If another girl (/someone who isnít female but still gets periods) is talking about her period, donít compare your periods to hers. If she gets stronger/longer cramps, that doesnít mean the your periods are any less awful so donít feel like you have it easy or like you canít complain. Same for the other way around and with bleeding.
Also! Always keep an abundance of pads/tampons in your room/bathroom! I donít care if you think youíll be fine with what you have, you might not be and when youíre suddenly down to one pad because you thought you were all set and forgot to buy extras, you will not have a fun time!
Hope some of that helps you out some. Canít think of much else right now. Sorry your first period had such bad timing, but hey, one of my friends got her first period on the first day of her familyís Trip to Africa and my best friend started hers on a cruise in the middle of an ocean. Best of luck hon

AlgebraAddict 12-28-2018 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by Werty (Post 601297)
I got my period o christmas day
I had terrible cramps on CHRISTAMS EVE


You: I had terrible cramps on Christmas Eve
Me, an intellectual: Crampus

Zelda 01-03-2019 01:41 AM

unfun fact: i was having a ton of terrible PMS symptoms (including cramps) on/before christmas and i thought it was my period but it was actually just my body being a little asshole. :)))


Alrighty, it looks like Swallowtail covered a pretty much everything you need to know, but here are a few extra facts and tips;

- DO NOT mix ibuprofen and acetaminophen because it WILL destroy your stomach and make you very sick. I strongly prefer ibuprofen, my friend says nothing but Midol will help her, you might have to do a couple trial runs to find the painkiller that helps you the most.
- no name ibuprofen and acetaminophen work just as well as brand name (advil and tylenol), and cost less.
- Don't take painkillers unless you need to. Your body will build up a tolerance to it and it will require more and more of the painkiller to stop the pain, more painkiller means more risk to your stomach.
- your cramps/other symptoms might not be too terrible when you start, but they will probably get significantly worse over time.
- you might find that a certain sensation helps your cramps, headaches, or fever. Personally, I find running water helps, so if I'm dying I'll go and stick my hands under a running tap.
- Speaking of water, being in it slows your bleeding (while you are in it). Yes, I have tested this. This does not mean you can go swimming without a tampon or a menstruation cup, because the blood that's already on it's way out does still... come out, but after that's rinsed away you can have a blood-free bath.
- Hydrogen peroxide dissolves blood. If you leak on your favourite pair of jeans just pour some peroxide on it, wait for it to fizz up, and rinse it out. This works best if you do it before the blood has dried, and if there's a lot of blood to take care of then you might have to run the article of clothing through the laundry to get the stain all (or most) of the way out.
- Everybody with a period has period underwear that they wear so they don't stain their nice underwear. Everybody's period underwear is the ugliest piece of clothing in existence. Unless it's Thinx, then it's pretty rad.
- Neither pads or tampons are... nice, there are however several alternatives such as Thinx underwear and menstruation cups* (both of which have the added bonus of being way more ecofriendly) so if you decide that you're not comfortable with the most popular options provided to you, give google a whirl. The youtube channel Ladylike (aka As/Is) covers quite a few of the options out there if you want to get a good idea on where to start.
- If your symptoms start to get in the way of how you function in normal everyday life then please go to a doctor. A lot of people like to make jokes about how bad PMS symptoms get but if you are legitimately struggling you need to tell someone. Pains so bad that you want to puke are not normal. Depressed moods that keep you in bed all day are not normal. Don't ignore signs because you think everybody experiences them.
- That's all I can think of. Hope this helps!

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