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Default Ascendance - Nes

Three shall fight, but one shall reign.

So has been the prophecy for over a hundred generations. The Empire of Kinshirrin has not changed its laws ever since, and so it will remain. Whether it be King or Queen, the owner of the High Throne will wield the Ultimate Power, an indestructible possession that claims them rule over the entire empire. However, even despite this, the three shall compete for the throne. They shall fight to the death, regardless of their distance from one another. They shall battle it out in a war against the odds to determine who shall rise as victor and who shall fall as conquered.

Among the Empire of Kinshirrin, however, is a dark magic that is festering across the kingdoms: an ancient, raw power that threatens to devour the land itself and is slowly creating a blight over the world as the emperors and their divine monarchy know it. What is this dark power? Who rises from the ashes as a villain? Who will be the High Throne ruler?


Okay! Hi! Essentially there will be 3 people who will have one character each (one of which being mine) who will fight to the death against each other in a battle to determine who will claim the High Throne. The two catches are: each of the 3 people live in different sectors: one North, one South, one East; and the other? Each Competitor for the throne will possess a power of your choosing, however it cannot be too OP such as "godlike time-travel". The Western Lands belong to the origins of the dark power we will explore later on in the NES. Open characters also include royal servants, maids, mistresses, nobility, chefs, what have you. Any other ideas or suggestions for roles in the NES, please tell me! I'm always willing to incorporate new ideas into the storyline.

If anyone is confused by anything that I decide might happen in the story, let me know and I'll clear things up with you!

  • Competitor 1: CLOSED
  • Competitor 2: CLOSED
  • Competitor 3: OPEN
  • Servant: OPEN
  • Servant: OPEN
  • Servant: OPEN
  • Nobility: OPEN
  • Nobility: OPEN
  • Maid: OPEN
  • Librarian: OPEN
  • Farmer: OPEN
  • Worker: OPEN

I'll start my character form here (no need to be too detailed!).

Name: Saelia Ryenns
Age: 19
Appearance: Blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, slim figure, dainty yet not scrawny, fair maiden, quite tall
Personality: Can often be quite self-destructive with her power, however she tries not to be. Assertive, bossy, yet has a very friendly manner to her beneath all of the mean facades she plays.
Power: Emotional manipulation (negative and positive emotions)
What a wonderful caricature of intimacy
Raindrops on roses and
Girls in white dresses and
Sleeping with roaches and
Taking best guesses
At the shade of the sheets and
Before all the stains

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