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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
Characters- My characters have become much more diverse, especially ethnicity-wise. When I first started writing I tended to white-wash my character, or give them physical attributes that didn't match up to their race (ex: Native American girl, had curls and green eyes). I first started noticing exactly how much I white-washed characters after Erin Latimer pointed out how much of an issue it was in her Wattpad Fantasy Writer's Handbook. After that I tried to make sure that at least one POC was included in all of my books, and I think all of my recent books have POC or multi-racial main characters.
As far as gender and sexuality go, because I tend to cringe away from non-platonic romances unless it's a ship I'm super hyped about, the subject of sexuality doesn't come up often. Until recently all of my characters were hetero/cis by default. Now i'm planning a book with an androngynous character, and an ace character, that i'm excited for. However I don't think that I will ever truly progress to the point where I have characters that fall on the homosexual/homoromantic side of the spectrum. I mean no insult or injury to anyone in the LGBTQ+ community, however I am, you know, Christian, and though I would never, say, attack someone for being gay, I have made the choice not to include that particular subject in my writing. Which will definitely effect me if I publish, as the world is shifting and history is repeating itself to allow the oppressed to rise to power, books that have LGBTQ+ relationships will rise in popularity while books that don't will become less and less desired. But hey, I'm not writing for the popularity anyways x)

Style- Grammar-wise i've improved vastly. My works used to be all one long paragraph, regardless of dialogue. I sucked, and still suck, at smooth transitions, but i'm improving little by little. Reading how-to books helped some, and reading other authors had a major effect.

Habits- Procrastination. Yesterday, today, and always.
why, because homosexuality is a "sin"? Not attacking you, just wondering. I don't understand why heterosexual relationships are any different than homosexual ones. I mean, I understand if you don't feel comfortable writing it, but I don't really see what it has to do with being Christian, unless you're a homophobic Christian.
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