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Default I need serious advice about the boy I babysit

So there's a lady in my neighborhood that heard about me from another client, that she was using as a daycare facility and never paid and dropped him off daily. I'm worried about the boy because he's partially blind and the mom is probably mentally ill.

So she'd call me 15 minutes in advance and ask if I could babysit at MY house, finally I arranged for me to come over to their house. Apparently the woman was going through chemo yet she had all her hair and she claimed she could just walk in and have chemo, which is not true. Also she's called herself three different things. Angie, Angela, Angelina, ect. she has a boyfriend, and she's very slutzy, wearing middrift tops, and just icky. The boy craves attention and is always rocking back and forth (he's about 6) he doesn't know his last name, how old he is, or what grade/school he's in. And I'm worried. Also I saw the woman at the pool smoking. Now the women hasn't called me or the other person she was using in 3 days and that's really unusual. I've told my parents and my parents agree something's wrong. Any other ideas what me or my family should do? Should I contact a child protective service, cause I'm worried the woman might be getting drunk. Cause she couldn't remember where she lived... HELP!!! Also I tried calling and I got a message that said "This number is no longer available." or something like that.
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