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Default Auck!!! Did You Hear 'bout The New Victoria???

This totally sucks and I hate Summit for this (or however you spell the name coz I do not care whatsoever) Okay.they cant just replace Rachel Lefevre!!! Bryce Howard is taking over the Victoria part! Rachel was BORN to be Victoria. I mean, Bryce doesn't even look like a vampire that is on the bad side! Bryce looks like the Alice type; all cheerful but Rachel looks like VICTORIA; the evil stuff! Eclipse and the whole Twilight movie will lose fans!!! It will never be the same! I was looking FORWARD to Eclipse but they just HAD to change Victoria! Bryce has never even played a role in Twilight yet! And people that haven't watched the Eclipse trailer will be confused, shocked, angry etc. etc. Eclipse, eclipse, eclipse. It was the right time for Rachel Lefevre to actualy take notice. The newborns! The actions! Oh everything from Eclipse will suck! Bryce probably will make Eclipse SUCK! Does anyone disagree or agree???

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