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Originally Posted by meerkat View Post
thanks for this thread.

at school, half the people beat me up emotionally and the other half think i'm some sort of super-strong warrior princess or something. but i'm tired of taking other people's crap for them and being the mental punching bag just because i'm more sensitive than average and tend to freak out too easily. i've gotten better at holding it in, to the point that only about 1% of the people at school have seen me cry last year, compared to about 99% in sixth grade. in a way, i like being all stone-cold and stuff, but sometimes i'm so sick of it that i come home and cry and explode in rage fits around my parents and sister (who never did anything to deserve it). i try to keep my home and school lives separate, but it's just too hard.

(please ignore this vent)
same. a lot of people think i'm ugly/bitchy/annoying/smart ass/know-it-all/has fake boobs/no boobs/weird boobs/too skinny/long legs/should shave my invisible leg hair/small ass/big ass/disproportionate features/

eh. i hate being stone-cold, actually. but i have to be. i have to 'laugh it off' and 'not be so sensitive.' sometimes i'm like FUCK THE WORLD JUST LET ME CRY ABOUT SOMETHING ONCE IN A WHILE WITHOUT BEING CALLED A GIRL, OR A WUSS (even though i'm a girl)

i feel you all the way. we gots to stick together <3
i feel like a child hiding behind your tombstone
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