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Originally Posted by Birdsong View Post
What should we call it? Umm, Letting go?
Winter love? Gah these are so bad.
Collaborate: we could email, or I don't know, use WB...xD
POV: I reckon we should have alternating POVs between Elsa and Jack, like say you could take Elsa or vice versa, and if we wanted to we could switch charries.
Plot: Yeah, the picture plot was pretty good, we should use that
How long?: Can I use this question to just warn you about Miss Procrastinator Me? Okay, so I've never written anything longer than 3000 words because I always get bored and stop. I procrastinate a lot, and I don't want to let you down or anything. I also just started highschool so I'm going to be busy, but I really want to do this co-write. So, just in advance, a warning. As for how long, I'm not really sure. However long the story takes, I guess.
Age: They should probably both be 14, but if Elsa's still young, does that mean it's before all the Ice Queen stuff, when she was insecure? That could work, but we'd have to fit Anna in somehow.
Does Elsa stop seeing him? The picture thingy doesn't mention it...I think it should have a bittersweet ending.

So all this is just my ideas, I'm not quite sure yet.
Okay then. by collaboration, I meant how long should each person write? Like, a chapter per person? We could work out the title afterwards. I like third person more, but first person works just as well. Also, I'm a procrastinator too, so don't worry about it. The longest I have done (which is stuck there for a while) is 15 200 words, and the most persistent I've been at a project is City, which is currently in its seventy-something-th day. I'm getting better at controlling the procrastination, but barely.
And yeah, they can be 14. So, yes it's before the snow queen thing. And then we could alter the plot of Frozen a bit, so that when her parents died she stopped seeing Jack because she's in depression and pushes everyone away, and then *skips a few years* she builds the ice castle, and Jack finds her there. She doesn't believe in Jack anymore, and then Jack is depressed. After a while, Jack asks Sandy for help, and sends Elsa a dream about their childhood. At first Elsa refuses to believe him, because she's hurt, and then as the dreams get more persistent, one day she has a symbolic dream, and when she turns, she sees Jack, smiling slightly at her, standing at the windowsill. (And Anna is not in all this...?) Her eyes fill with tears, and she rushes to embrace him, whispering I love you. Cliche, but whatever. ^u^
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