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New Beginnings Arc

Part 1: Entrance
- Chapter 01: Meet Gary and Liz
[1/2] basically Gary and Liz move into the mansion and meet its mysterious/creepy butler
[2/2] by means of the nightshade flower the butler gave them in 1/2, Gary and Liz are transported to the Gateway we know.
- Chapter 02: New Old Faces
[1/2] Gary and Liz meet Willow, memories from the previous run of our NES not intact, and we are (re)introduced to Fawn and Hazel, who are being chased.
[2/2] Gary, Liz, and Willow start to get reacquainted, and Hazel runs to the Mansion and meets them. Finally, Minnesota is introduced and makes her way to the mansion.
- Chapter 03: When Loose Ends Meet
[1/4] Echo and Minnesota meet; Icicle shows up at the mansion. Hazel, frustrated, leaves Gary and Liz and Willow, and runs into Sam, who returns Fawn to her. Fawn and Hazel rejoin with the group.
[2/4] Fawn and Hazel officially decide to stick with the group; Minnesota is separated from Echo and makes brief contact with Sam. As the main group decides to settle down for the night, Liz disappears. Deciding to find her come morning, the group rests.
[3/4] The group begins to search for Liz, but Fawn is influenced by Sam to find Echo instead, and Hazel goes with Fawn. Sam meddles, and helps Hazel to start to remember (the previous NES). Sam is also very certain that something is about to happen.
[4/4] Willow also has a sense of foreboding, as she and Gary search for Liz. We haven't gotten past this point yet, but after that, Willow senses human presence and leads Gary to it, but it turns out to be Minnesota, not Liz, and this helps Willow unlock some more memories. Meanwhile, Sam keeps tabs on Hazel and Fawn, and leads Echo to Fawn. After that, the two groups (Willow/Gary/Minnesota and Hazel/Fawn/Echo) meet up somehow, and then the Mansion entity probably shows up and throws everything into chaos.
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