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Default here's the last few posts pt 2

It wasn’t often Willow had this strong a sense of foreboding. Usually it was just people, people everywhere. Sometimes she could sense this entity- like thing floating around. She didn’t quite know what to call it, because she wasn’t even sure what it was. She only knew it was a presence.
Anyway, she was getting distracted. She still couldn’t feel Liz’s presence, but she thought the mansion couldn’t’ve taken her far. With careful footfalls, she remained silent as she and Gary wandered through the mansion, opening every doorway, searching for Liz.
A sudden feeling of coldness suddenly gripped her. The girl frowned and closed her eyes, leaning against the door as Gary turned to look quizzically at her.
“I feel something.” She answered smoothly. “Or rather, someone.” The fifteen year old opened her eyes, striding confidently down the corridor, feeling a strong pull. She bypassed doors without opening them, hearing Gary grunt in panicked question as he followed down the long hallway. Now the pull was even stronger, and she could hear a low, melodic whistle in her head. The path she was on darkened, but it didn’t affect her the least. Her other senses would lead her towards the human presence, she was certain of that.
A sudden screeching noise made her stop in her tracks, and Gary laid a hand on her shoulder. She didn’t know if he was holding onto her for support in the darkness or rather the noise had startled him, but either way, she didn’t mind much, and focused instead on locating the sudden screech.
“Gary, if we have to fight, do you know how to defend yourself in any way?” She asked, her right hand pulsing with the faintest purple glow. Startled, she closed her hand around the light, and it disappeared with wisps of it, almost like smoke, drifting away. “Looks like the curse did come with some unexpected side effects.” She mumbled to herself, opening her palms again.
Concentrating, she summoned the purple glow again, and stared at it a moment more in fascination.
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