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Alright... looks to me like both of you have your issues, but since I can't talk to your mom, I may as well talk to you. ^_^
I have gone through this situation as well, about the instrument, spazzing-out-ness, and pretty much everything else you just mentioned. My mom is very hot-tempered and screamy and cursy and, as much as this is difficult for the family and has stopped me from telling her important things many a time, we're learning quite quickly how to deal with this... even me. XD All it takes is a little understanding... you two need to have a talk without raising your voices or anything, which is a challenge, but if voices are raised then things tend to escalate and nothing gets anywhere, trust me.
It is impossible for us as kids to imagine what a good parent sacrifices for us. We automatically think, "*snobby voice* Nyeahh? Well, nahnhjnskadkjhajk! Kjhsjhda!" or whatever reason... because I have done it countless times.
It is hard for us to understand how much work and planning goes into our registration of extracurricular activities as well... honestly, I would be terrified if I were caught in the raging storm of thoughts that must be a parent's mind--they have to deal with everything that they keep a secret from us, like bills, work, food, food costs, cooking... the list goes on and on, and I'm sure I don't have to state what a challenge a teenage kid can be to a parent.
(*Also, sex jokes can be extremely offensive, depending on the mood the person is in. Just saying. I find sex jokes rather immature beyond immature, but I just play along because it's the type of world we live in.*)
But it is also your mom. I gather that she wasn't like this before so much as she is now... The way she is trying to steer you in the direction that she wants you to go must be extremely irritating to you... (I've experienced this as well). I think that instead of using juvenile eye-rolls and scoffs and other means of body language, you should find her in an open-minded mood and have a serious conversation with her about how you feel without raising your voice or anything and be as persistent as possible if she continues to be stubborn. Naturally, you owe her an apology... but she owes you one just as much.
I bid you good luck, my friend, and hope that this misunderstanding resolves soon! (*flies away on an umbrella*)
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