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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
dude. . . about to be 18 and I feel this, don't have anyone in my life atm but if I wanna get married I think I wanna do it young

on travelling the world: I don't wanna go away to college, I already have a good life where I am, just let me stay in my city and learn stuff
Oh HECK yeah. Thereís a lot of judgement towards marrying young because 18-20year olds are hella immature, but honestly I donít find that an inherently worrying thing. Of course youíre both young and immature, but youíre both going to mature as time goes on, together.

Honestly thatís so reasonable too. Travel is good and fine, but thereís something pretty great about planting roots and making your city your home on your own terms.

@ena you are also valid, n character development is bomb.

and I'll use you as a
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