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Default spoilers for my story im writing that no one cares about

so like I'm writing a weird queer fantasy romance (first piece on your local NSP now!) and I kind of thought of this idea based on a character dynamic I don't see enough of?? Im not sure what its actually called, but I call it protection politics,,

like I'm a sucker for protective SO's, but I don't see that dynamic played out enough in same sex romances, or at least not as realistically as I'd like. so I'm writing this fantasy story with a heroine who is disabled and confined to a wheelchair for the entire story, and the super buff warrior chick who's trying to keep assassins from killing this girl. but like, the heroine has already lost people who tried to protect her, so especially as she's falling for this girl, she starts to be bothered by warrior girl putting herself in harm's way for her?? and finally as the evil plot unfolds, the heroine finds out that she's not actually the target- warrior girl is, so she tries to strategically say and do things that keep warrior girl out of harm's way. she's obviously frustrated though that she can't literally stand up and protect the love of her life, but in the end they both save each other n its greaet

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