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Name: Dierdre Simmons

Age: 18

Appearance: Black hair that has an almost blue tint, short and pale. Dark blue eyes with flecks of gold. She’s slender and frail but piss her off and fighting her will be like fighting a tiny minotaur.

Personality: Outgoing, stubborn, and a bit reckless. Once she’s set her mind to something you’ll have a terrible time trying to get her to let go. She is stubbornly optimistic and loyal to a fault, and will devote herself to those she thinks are worth the attention.

(Luna if you’d like to make any tweaks that’s totally fine I kind of just threw this together) (also, should she and beck be meeting in the current time of the NES or should they have already known each other for a while?) (and nah any gender or position is fine)

Figured I should make a character sheet for Bernard, so here it is I guess.

Name: Bernard Mardens

Age: 17

Appearance: 5’9, brown hair that’s naturally wavy like his sister’s but he usually keeps it cropped short so it’s hard to tell. Dark brown eyes with a reddish hue


Reserved and restrained, he excels at diplomacy and charm (ahaha but I doubt I'll be able to keep that going). He’s perfectly content to sit back and watch everything happen until an opportunity arrives for him to strike. Although he rarely shows it, his true nature can be rather harsh.

Power: He has the same powers as his twin, Lorelei, but they are not as powerful and he has a stronger control of them.

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